Fear of Night

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Life and death. We each must expirence both in out time. The only question left is, what comes after we die? And how do we know if we made the right choices while we were living?

Submitted: November 26, 2011

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Submitted: November 26, 2011



For fear of night

The damned of day

Travel in the shadows,

A dangerous way


To prey on those

Without much skill

Weak minded, pure hearted

All bend to his will.


They scream at night

In fear and hope

That he will come

And cut their ropes.


But still they stay

Barely there,

Waiting watching

Until death appears


Then they come out

To ferry you across

To heaven,

Or to hell.


To heaven go the ones

Who in their innocence

Cried out at night

“Please take this death sentence!”


To hell go those

Without any hope

No cries for mercy

To the great one above.


A bright place

No pain, no fear

An eternity in heaven

A fate so dear.


Fire and flame

Death and despair

There is no joy

For those who are here.


Surrounding you

Even if you can’t see

Life and death

Always will be.


They follow you now

From their homes

Waiting, watching

Both wanting your bones.


Wings bright and large

Faces dead and grim

Both watching you now

From the world they are in.


You walk down the street

In the sun and rain

Both follow you

One brings joy, the other pain.


Two roads you now have

Before your feet

One straight and sure

The other, not so neat.


Death is one

Life is the other

Make your choice now

Or regret forever.


For regret it you will

If you guess wrong

No matter who you are;

The weak are the strong.


In day

And in night

You walk along

The road you believe right


You will not know

Until the end

Whether or not

You  chose the right one.


You will shed tears

No matter where you are

For life is pain

And pain brings tears.


Smile if you can

Through the long years

For smiles are precious

And drive away fear.

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