Oh, To be a Tree

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The life of a tree would be so much simpler than life as a human. Why can't I be a tree?

Submitted: November 27, 2011

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Submitted: November 27, 2011



Oh to be a tree!

How lovely that would be,

To sit and grow,

To stretch and soar,

To see things as a tree sees them.

To not feel pain,

To not feel hurt,

To grow and grow, forever

To not know love,

To not know loss,

To be a tree at all cost.

But then there’s me,

Not a tree,

With feet stuck to the ground,

With mind still soaring in the sky,

I see things with my human eyes,

Down here on my earth,

I will never soar, I will never sing,

I will stay here, on the ground.

I have known pain,

I have known hurt,

My feet are not in the dirt.

With my heart I have known love, but also loss.

Here I sit, just little old me,

Alone, alive, still breathing and free,

While others watch and walk by, I remain.

All these things I have known,

And so I sit alone.

Never to rise, never to fly

I will stay.

For this is my life,

To live or to die,

I will stay.

I will never leave,

I will never love,

I will never lose.

For I am strong and I will win,

This battle of life that we are all in,

Here I will stay,

Here I will die.



I know the cost.

To be a tree would be so tame,

A tree could never stand my pain.

A tree would shatter and splinter apart,

Only a human can hold a human heart.

So here I am,

Here I’ll stay,

To shrink, to fade, to fall away

And here I’ll always be,

So come, come now and set me free!

Wait, I can’t leave.

My pain holds me in bonds that don’t free,

So come, come and see,

Little, old me,

Broken but free.

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