A moment of struggle

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A dramatic description of a weird dream a person had

Submitted: August 10, 2009

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Submitted: August 10, 2009



I hear voices…

Where is it from?

I turn around to take a look.

They are all there…

My family, my friends, my love…

All of those whom I care for.

They are calling my name,

Waving at me.


I opened my mouth to talk to them,

But no sound came out, as if I was muted.

I tried to lift my foot and take a step,

But I just couldn’t.

My feet were stuck to the ground

As if they were part of it.

I tried to make another attempt

But I soon fail.


And then…I hear another voice…

A strong and clear voice, calling my name

From the other side.

I turn around and look.

All I could see was this huge blast of light…

So shiny that I could barely open my eyes.

I ask: Who are you?

In no time, the voice made a reply…

“I’m God…”

It gave me a shock…

I fell down onto the floor.


I find myself in a situation like a dream.

This is a dream, what else can this be?

I turn around to look at my family…

They are all making actions as if they were saying: COME HERE!

I turn around to look at God…

And he has his hands out wide,

As if he is waiting for me to give him a hug.


The voices made me bewildered,

It made me felt like I was the flag in tug of war,

Only that I know what the result would be.

I find myself struggling…

Struggling to decide which side I should go to.

I began to hesitate…

Trying to figure out the best out of it.

I gave both sides another look..

And made my decision.


I walked towards God,

Walking further away from my loved ones.

I know I would hurt them,

Sooner or later.


I turned back to give them one last look,

The look on their faces,

Made my heart shatter into a million pieces.

I love them,

But I have to let go of them.

I can’t depend on them forever,

Because one day they’ll all die,

And I will eventually too.

But only God knows when.

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