If only I had another chance...

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a poem revealing the guilt and regret inside a person's heart because she lost a friend as she did not know how to cherish. Hope u like it, and please make comments. :)

Submitted: July 18, 2009

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Submitted: July 18, 2009



I am a girl,

Alone in this world,

Trapped in the darkness,

Unsecure and lonely.

I waited and waited,

From days till years.

Waiting for someone to help me.

And finally.......

A streak of light shines through,

Giving me hope,

Giving me strengh,

Pulling me out from the dark.

You were the streak of light,

The one who shone in my life.

You gave me love,

You gave me care,

You were the best thing ever happened to me.

You were there by my side

Throught smooth and rough.

You were supporting me

Through all and every.

I soon became spoilt,

Self-centered and selfish,

Taking you as granted.

And then I lost everything,

Your love, your care,

And most importantly, you.

For I did not know how to cherish.

I look back now,

Full of regret.

You gave me everything,

But I gave you none.

You put me as top priority,

But you are my last.

You always had me on your mind,

But I rarely thought of you.

You've done so much for me,

More than a person can ever count.

I ask myself:

How much have I done in return?

I seek deep into my heart for an answer,

But all I could feel was guilt and shame.

I slowly look down,

Watching tears wet my shirt.

All I can say,

Is not even close to enough.

Now I finally see,

The mistakes that I made.

But I could not change a thing,

as I've already lost you as a friend.

I wish I could go back in time,

So that I could fix the things that went wrong,

If only I had another chance.

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