how to control your feelings in a good way

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there are many ways to control your feelings , in this text i have some steps for you .

Submitted: January 13, 2013

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Submitted: January 13, 2013



Do not worry about things you can not control , work on the things you can control and move on there more things you can handle just try it. controlling your thoughts and feeling is not so hard to do , you just take your breath and start thinking positively . here i will try give some steps  about how to control your feeling in a good way ?

Steps :

1.  think about yourself as a king because you are only the person who knows how to rule yourself.

2. make your choices , you always make your choices and do not let anyone else makes them over you.

3.  do not forget to enjoy friendship , fun , and love with good people.

4. You can never change where you come from, you can only change where you are going., this means that you should not think about your past and your mistakes and start thinking in your future  tomorrow is the most important day for you .

5. sometimes you can not control your thoughts but you can control you words and you are then master of your situation.

by. usama al zawahera.


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