what is the real friendship ?

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what is the real friendship ? we need to know who are our real friends and who are our fake friends ......

Submitted: January 28, 2013

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Submitted: January 28, 2013



Friendship is one of the beautiful treasures  of the world, we can't  live without friends in  our life  , because friendship is the only thing that makes us forget our worries and overcome our problems , it makes us feel  happy while we are sad , and satisfied while we  are not .

Friendship is  When you have only one friend who asks about you all the time ,  who is with you  wherever you are and whenever you need someone to talk , laugh or cry  you find him / her  beside you . a real friendship is when friends help and encourage each other obtain their goals , They face problems together .  your best friend  is the  one who can see the pain in your eyes while everyone believes the smile on your face .

Sometimesfriends change for a reason or another but if they are really friends and their friendship is strong  they will never ever change whatever happen to them , no matter How their  problems are so hard and complicated , they will solve them and forgive each  other .

Real friends care  for each other  All the time , there is a very interesting  saying by Edgar Watson about real friends  " When a friend is in trouble, don’t annoy him by asking , if there is anything you can do. Think up something appropriate and do it."this means that  A best friend is the person who tries  so much to solve your troubles  without hesitation  .


Finally ,  Do not try to hate or hurt your best friend because he is the only one who knows  everything about you and still loves you , he / she keeps your  secrets and  picks you up when you fall  . your best friend is only the one who deserves you ,respects you  ,needs you and stand by you. 


Friendship is hard to break apart"
Friendship is strong
Friendship should never be taken for granted
Friendship is meant to be shared with all
Friendship is free and rewarding to share
Friendship can be unforgettable
Friendship is priceless to many
Friendship is a secret never to be told
Friendship is not having to say sorry but do
Friendship is not judging no matter what
Friendship is to share, the joy and the fear
Friendship is someone to run too when things are tough
Friendship is a hand to hold when things are so rough
Friendship is someone to laugh with not at you .... by Djean  "

by. usama al zwahera

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