Adult Authority and Responsibility

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It is the right of the individual to take care of what he or she is responsible for. Persons neglecting the things thry are responsible for in some instances the law might have to be called in.

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Submitted: August 15, 2010

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Submitted: August 15, 2010



REsponsibility for things that people do is inherent upon themselves. In other words, they are responsible for their own actions..This is the fact that the person is responsible for his/her own environment.  That responsibility exrends to all areas of their oown life.

Part Two

Responsibility to self negates that it is contyrary to the fact that the peoplehave so much wrong with them in their role in society that the probl;em turns criminal. This person/or people are dependent upon the help or assistance of either a CNA or HOme Health Care Aide.  These people do the care inside the home of the peson.

Sometimes they will do it inside the Skilled Nursing Facility or at the Residential Care FAcility where they live at.  This care most of the time is covered under the insurance or if not it would become a third party or be considered to be one . Then the Resident  has to pay for the services for the price as rendered. The nursing or Care Persons are very expensiveand most are not covered by anything but theior own out of pocket money.  This term is called a Direct Payment..


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Customers of places and their characteristics.

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