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This is a outline of how a background and information should be written with supporting documents. It also tells how to gather the information and how to list the parties that it is sent to.

Submitted: November 05, 2007

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Submitted: November 05, 2007



  1. Gather all documents such as Birth certificates and transcripts
  2. Write to your schools to verify your teachers if at all on records.
  3. Get your own fingerprints done and checked. Keep your State Fingerprint file number.
  4. Develop your own special Educational Knowledge folder.
  5. Write all the addresses in complete form as to where you lived at.
  6. Verify all contracts that haven’t been paid off.
  7. Get your current Credit Report.
  8. Gather your information on inquiries and their outcome that you might have made to the Government or its agencies both of the State and Federal.
  9. Gather all Monetary Info as to Credit Payments, Current Bank Statements or a disclosure of the amounts in your Bank accounts with their Account Name Types and appropriate numbers. Get a copy of your Employment record.
    • Type up all information in Report Style
    • Save a Copy to your permanent file and two copies to take with you.
    • Keep all supporting documents in a safe place.
    • Don’t throw out any Background material and update it annually after tax time.
    • Submit it to agencies requesting it with appropriate request and person it is being sent to and for what purpose.

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