Billy and the Fire Engine

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This is a Children's Story about a young boy and the Fire Engines.

Submitted: April 23, 2007

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Submitted: April 23, 2007




"Mama", Billy asked, "Why are the fire engines always going by our house with their sirens on?"

"Billy, maybe they're responding to a fire. They could also be going to a paramedic call."

"Mama, I understand about the fire thing. But I don't understand about the paramedics. Can you tell me more about the paramedics?"

"Yes, Billy! Paramedics are firemen that are trained to do medical work in the event of an emergency. They aren't doctors."

"Thanks! I now understand somewhat about the paramedics. Can we take a tour of a fire station?"

"Billy! There is a show on TV on Channel 5 that is called Emergency.  It tells about two paramedics and how they save lives. It is on today at 3 0'clock. Would you like to watch it?"

"Thanks, mama! I think that I'll watch it."

His mother turned it on for him. He watched the whole show and told his mother that he now understood somewhat about paramedics. But I still don't understand about the sirens."

"Billy, I found out that next Saturday the Fire Station is going to have a tour and Pancake breakfast. Your father and I will take you. I also want to take you to the library to check out some books on fires and fire fighting. Would you like that?"

"Mama! That sounds great. Can we go to the library tonight?"

"We'll go right after dinner."

After Dinner


At 6 p.m., Billy and his mother left for the library to get the books. It was a short trip. After parking the car, they went directly to the Children's Department.

When they got there they asked the librarian to help them find some books on fires and fire fighting. Billy's mother asked for books on paramedics also.

The librarian gave his mother a print out of 18 books all on the topics of fire fighting and paramedics. They then went to the stacks and picked out six of them. They were the best ones available. His mother took them along with Billy to the check out. After getting them checked out they went back to the car.

Later that Night


At 9 p.m., Billy was in his room reading the books when his mother came in to tell him good night. "Billy! It is time for you to put the books up and go to bed. It is late and you need to get some sleep."

"Mama! Why can't I read the books some more?"

"Billy, it is late and you have to go to school tomorrow. The books can wait because they are checked out for three weeks."

"Okay! I'll go to sleep."

The Following Saturday


Billy along with his Mom and Dad got up early. His parents told him that today they were going to the Fire Station for a tour and their Pancake breakfast... It was 8 a.m., when they arrived. Billy's father mentioned that the coffee and the rest of the breakfast smelled good.

"Billy after we eat we'll talk to the paramedics and tour the Station."

They got their breakfast and all three of them enjoyed it immensely. After eating breakfast, they got a guided tour of the building and the fire trucks.

When it was time for questions, Billy was the first to speak up. "This equipment is just like the equipment on the TV Show - Emergency. "

The paramedics answered him, "Yes, this equipment is just like the equipment on the TV Show."

After seeing the equipment, they saw the bunk room where the firemen slept when they were on duty. They were also shown the kitchen and the shower room. The last thing that they saw was the TV and Recreation Room. After the tour, they all were given a booklet containing a list of things about the Fire Department and their mission. Billy told them that after he was old enough he might become a Firemen also. They told him to come to Personnel when he reached the age of nineteen and fill out an application.

With that Billy and his parents returned to their car for the return home. His father told him, "Billy, you probably would become a good fireman and maybe you'll be able to become a good paramedic."

"Dad! Only time will tell. I'm going to my room to read for a little bit."

He was told to go ahead. With that another fire engine went down the street.




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