Billy and the Matches

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This is a story about a boy named Billy and his uses of matches.

Submitted: May 05, 2007

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Submitted: May 05, 2007




"Billy! Why do you have a book of matches? I found them in your dirty jeans."

"Mama, a boy from school gave them to me."

"Do you know that matches can cause you problems? You cold light one of them and start a fire. I also found some cigarettes in with the matches."

"Mama, my friend Sally gave me the cigarettes. She thought that they would cause me to act like a big boy. Sally and I like each other."

"I also understand Billy that you're smoking a pack of cigarettes at school."

"Sally and I love each other."

"Billy you're too young to fall in love. You're only ten years old. You've got the rest of your life to fall in love."

"Mama, how do I tell the boy about the matches?"

"Billy! I just wouldn't accept the cigarettes or matches from them."

"I just can't tell them to stop giving them to me. They would get mad."

"I'm calling your school to see about your problem."



She then went to the phone and made the call to the school. A few minutes later, she finished the call and then came back to see Billy who was in the Living Room watching TV.

"Billy, I've just finished talking to you counselor Mrs. Adams. She asked me to bring you to see her next Tuesday at 3:30. She will have Sally and your male friend there also."


Next Tuesday


Billy's Mom Joan arrived at the school for the meeting with Mrs. Adams. Billy, Sally and the other boy were there also.

They all were in the same room. The counselor began the interview by explaining the rules about matches and cigarettes at the school.

Joan explained to all of the people there that she didn't like Billy having matches and cigarettes.

The interview continued with Mrs. Adams saying, "Sally and you (she means the other boy) will be on after school detention for possession of cigarettes and matches on school property. You must understand that the School board has a regulation prohibiting cigarettes and matches on school property. If the after school detention doesn't work, then there is a fine/expulsion for all those involved. Do you all understand?"

They all answered in the affirmative.

Before leaving with Billy, Joan asked Mrs. Adams, "When will the detention start? Will Billy be going to detention also?"

"All three of the children will be going?"

"Good, I think that it will teach Billy a lesson. I also think that they'll remember after words to not smoke again."


Six Months Later


Billy wasn't a friend of Sally's any longer. The other boy Billy didn't talk to or see any more either.

Billy in a conversation with his mother told her. "Mom! Thanks for getting me off of the cigarettes. Also thanks for taking away the matches."

"Sure Billy, I'm glad that you understand."



Billy never smoked or used matches again. He stopped smoking and using matches for a long time.


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