Born to Be

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Everyone has a idea of what they want to do in life. But sometimes they wind up doing something else.

Submitted: October 05, 2008

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Submitted: October 05, 2008



Each person was born to be something in this world. We start off thning that we’ll do something like Doctor or Nurse.. But we wind up doing something that is different. The Job Market as it is will be quite struck with a lot of people that are highly educated. They will accept these people for opening level jobs rather than the small man who is JC Graduate.

For example, I wanted to be a Doctor ever since age of 5. Right now, I’m 61 years old and George Bush is the same age. His Birthday is July 7 and my Birthday is December 6. I don’t want to do a job at this age and get fired from it or laid off because of lack of work for me. After two months. What does a man do if he don’t have job? Raid his Mom and Dad’s gravesite.

Subsequent to this I decided through  a Counselor from the US Courthouse in  Santa Ana that I should take a notebook and do some writing  about myself, thoughts and what I should do by myself about the problem  and rectify the correction. Along the way, another local place allowed me with a Writing Tutor. He showed me how to use the Library. He told me also to to read either a Poetry, Book, essays and Op-Ed Writing

And a General Writing. So far. So far I haven’t had anything published for pay. The way I’m doing tt is giving me sme name recognition.. It really has done the trick.

The people I meet on the street know my ace because of my picture being on the pages of three website social networking sites. T he pictures I had taken by a professional photographer. He took some of the color out and lightens the color tone of my hair. This photographer told it would make my face look different.

So as one can tell everybody has to do something. Along with this I’m thinking about taking my two final Management Courses if I can at a local Community College. Near me. I think that it would be more beneficial.

This will give me one more step on the upward movement towards being a beneficial member of American Society.


Glen G Mayberry

October 4, 2008

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