Boy MIllionaire

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Did you ever win the Lottery? This is the story of a yung boy and what he does with his winning ticket.

Submitted: May 26, 2007

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Submitted: May 26, 2007




Good Day! My name is John Johansen. I am 17 years old and I've just bought a winning lotto ticket. The winnings were 48 million dollars. How I did it nobody knows. Let me explain my situation prior to buying the winning ticket.

I just started buying the lotto tickets about six months ago. I bought them from the money I earned on my job at the local Taco Bell. I worked 30 hours each week plus go to High School. I didn't like my job. My dad would go to the local store to buy them for me. I would give him the money. My dad bought them for me twice a week for the past six months. Then all of a sudden my luck changed. I got a ticket that paid off a hundred dollars and the next week I got a ticket that brought me two hundred dollars.

Then after winning those small sums, my dad laid off buying the tickets for awhile because of all the money. He was told that my boss might not like me getting all that money. I began to slough off and not do much work. I was not paying much attention to my work.

After another eight months, I decided to give my dad some more money to buy me some more lotto tickets. This time there were no winning numbers at all. I just coasted along on the money from the Taco Bell job. I started doing a better job and my boss gave me a ten cent per hour raise. I liked the idea very much. I told my boss thanks. I began to work really hard on the job. I didn't win any more money. I also decided to spend more time on my homework. My grades went up also. John told his dad, "Dad, if I win the lotto and get a lot of money, I'm going to spend the money on my college education. I'm also going to buy you and mom a new house."

Six months later, I started buying more lotto tickets and still didn't get the big one. I only would win from two to five dollars. Then one day, I bought a ticket that looked like it was the big winning ticket. My dad took the ticket back to the same old store and got the results. It sure enough was the winning ticket. The total amount of the winning ticket was 48 million. Next Saturday, I would have the results.

The next Saturday, my dad bought me a ticket or two. He also brought back the results for Wednesday's ticket. It showed John as the winner of $1400. The grand prize of 48 million was still up for grabs. John's mother and father were excited about it also. They asked him, "John, what are you going to do with all the money?"

He answered, "Mom and dad, I'm going to spend it on my college education. I'll use it to pay for my first year of college. I think that it will be okay to spend it on that. Do you think that it would be okay?"

"John, that will be okay with us! Just so you don't make the big one before you get ready for college."

I answered them, "I'll be okay and I'll just be spending it on that. If it is okay, I still want dad to buy me the tickets once a week with the money that I give to him. I'm still holding down my job at the local Taco Bell and I'll be keeping it for awhile. After I go to college, I'll be working on campus in the campus restaurant. I phoned the college student employment office and they told me  to talk with them after I registered for classes."

"John, that will be great. We'll then only be paying for your tuition and you'll pay for your books and other supplies. Your father and I are happy for you. You're graduating this June and then it is off to college. Your grades in High School have been good. We hope that your college grades will be the same or better. We would like to know what you're going to be majoring in?"

"Mom and Dad, I've decided to not major in anything for the first two years because I want to see how the economy is and what the labor market is like. I've also still decided to continue playing the lotto game."

"That is fine," his dad said.

"I'll still make the trip to the store to buy them from your money twice each week. We hope that you'll win."

"I hope that I win also. I only want is  to win the big jackpot."

One Week Later:

The next Wednesday, John's dad bought him another lotto ticket. He told me, "John, this looks like this is the ticket for the big one. I hope that this pays off."

That Saturday, my dad brought me the results ticket for the current drawing. My ticket was the winning ticket. I was the winner of 48 million dollars. I was amazed and so were my mother and father. The man from the store where my dad bought the ticket asked for him to come in with the winning ticket. He wanted to process it so the money could be sent. That afternoon, my dad and I took the ticket to the store. The clerk said, "This is really the winning ticket. Is your son the winner or are you?"

"My son is really the winner. But I'm the one that the money will come to because my son is under the minimum age to play the lotto. I also want you to understand that the money spent on all the tickets was my son's."

"Good! You sign the receipt and I'll process the ticket so that the money can be sent."

My father signed it and he gave the man his address. The clerk said, "The money will come in ten to fourteen days. I hope that you'll continue to shop in my store. I'll not be raising my prices just because you won the big one in my store."

We both answered, "Thanks! We'll both continue to shop here and maybe we'll win again."

The rest is history. I went on to major in Finance in College. I bought my parents a good home. I also bought myself a good car and was able to pay for my education. I also continued to invest my winnings with a financial manager that my father found. My father didn't want me to work at jobs like Taco Bell. I would in the future see financial growth and not have to work. I lived life to it's fullest.


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