Congress Did It Again

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This is a definitive Essay on Congress in which I show or explain how congress usurps some of the Powers of the President and doesn't stick to its Defined Powers.

Submitted: August 08, 2007

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Submitted: August 08, 2007




It has been in the papers lately about our President having another fight with Congress. Congress according to its powers that are set down by certain Sections of the U.S. Constitution cannot subpoena the President and tell him what to do. The President holds this power under the right of Executive Privilege to do such things as order Domestic Surveillance and collect information about people that he might want to appoint. This is a Power that is set forth under his obligation to the American People that voted him into office.


The Congress tried in U.S. vs. Nixon in 1971 to take away the then President Nixon's Right of Executive Privilege. But Nixon won that battle also. It also happened with President Clinton and he won that battle. Two other times during the Bush Administration, did Congress or somebody or someone try to stop George Bush from invoking Executive Privilege? Congress during other recent Administrations has tried to take away the Power of the President such as his Power or privilege of being the Commander-In-Chief of the United States Armed Forces. This Power was granted to him by the Constitution. To take away any Power of the President it would take I think an Amendment to the Constitution.


The President when he can't perform the duties of his office for a certain specific time due to Hospitalizations or his being away under a specific Article of the Constitution is obligated to sign over the duties of his Office to the Vice-President. This President George W. Bush did when he signed over the Powers of his Office because he for several days would be having a colonoscopy where his doctor removed several benign polyps. Several days later, he took back over the Office of the Presidency at the advice of his Doctor's and his legal counsel. This was done after a period of recuperative leave at Camp David.


Congress should allow the President to perform the duties of his Office as he sees fit under the Constitution. This is part of the system of Checks and Balances that have been inherent in our Government since its beginning.



Maybe the President should order a judicial review of all the allegations of Congress. Then Congress would be able to settle down to their job of legislators not prize fighters and arguers. This is so because they always try to get things their way and not the way things should be done.


These legalities are imposed by law that is written not mandates. These systems of Checks and Balances on a Double Beam Analytical scale should balance out evenly. The scale should not tip either way and should be even.


In closing, if Congress would only set themselves down to work and represent the people they are elected by. Then the Congress would not be full of fist fights, thieves and excessive drinkers. Congress should then realize that there are three branches of Government which are the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial.


Qualifications: My qualifications for writing this Essay are from many years of reading about the Congress both in the newspapers, books and other media both print and film. Also in my College Experience I have read many books on Government and Political Institutions. For Thirty-Five years, I have sought Congress for help solving a problem and Congress didn't help. I have sought the help of the Executive Branch and maybe my dreams will come true maybe in the next Season of this year.


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