Detecting IMpersonators

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This is a small Article on the Detection of Impersokators. People impersonating the man's brother. This is part of them discovering the big brothers sexual preferences. These people also try to do it with Presidentwhich is awful.

Submitted: July 17, 2008

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Submitted: July 17, 2008



Everybody in this world almost at one time or another has a problem with someone that wants to appear as them. The person with the biggest problem with this is the US President. He has more people trying to say this or that about his looks. The current President has thirteen to twenty companies on the Internet and various other companies in the country that will have a person impersonate him for parties, autograph of books, and invite the person to a party where he they say is the guest of honor.

I too have that problem with my two Brothers. There have been so many John’s here that I can’t believe what I see. There voice is the same, hair is different, voice is somewhat the same way in all but they all drive the same car and all of them belong to the same groups in Orange County. John usually wears glasses. All of these don’t wear them. His phone number is used by individuals in four towns in this county. They all know a little about computers and they all work at Lowe’s. His E-mail address is the same as it already has been I think. He can go out and buy expensive computers, take three day trips to Las Vegas, own a brand new car and go out with a lot of girls that are immature. When I mention anything about me having sex with a girl he condones it. He doesn’t like for me to get a job because it is not God’s plan for me. He tries to get some things about me to help represent me before Social Security. He also thinks that I shouldn’t be writing the President before I mail cards etc. to my family. He also wants to know what I wrote to the President and the topics of all the letters. He also likes to go to places where I go and take some girl from the work place to a bar near work where I hang out at with the co-workers. He goes to restaurants where I go to without telling at the same time. He likes to supervise my letters because he doesn’t want me to write anything that he doesn’t approve of.

Wayne on the other hand has other yard birds that are probably Christians from his current church. They all sound like him and use his car and his Drivers License plus Credit Cards. These Wayne’s don’t like to talk about his previous jobs. He doesn’t like to stick to the real job history and tries to contradict me when I say the real place. He also doesn’t like to send these things to the State or any Federal Agencies. He also doesn’t like me to write to the President and doesn’t think that I should write to any or call Law Enforcement Agencies anywhere. His boss and he do there home reading in business hours and he don’t like me to think that what he is ding is either right or wrong.

The President has impersonators just like I have they still come. The problem is terrible and awful. They could be hired by someone or they could be new Brothers because they have become transsexual, changed their names, or are dead and can’t tell anybody.

That is my definition and thoughts on the impersonator situation the way it stands today.


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November 26, 2007

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