Economic Generalities

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This is a statement regarding the use of different economic statements by such Presidents as Carter, Reagan and Clinton.

Submitted: October 09, 2007

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Submitted: October 09, 2007



In past years the Presidents that I have mentioned above try to deal with the Natinal Economy by using theories of their own. One of them used SSupply Side and another tried to deal with product development and another thought that it was just private and public sectors. They should be concerned with two things and they are Macroeconomics and MIcroeconomics.

These particular things can be defined as (1) Macroeconomics is that part of economics concerned with the general economic factors such as interest rates  and national productivity and (2) Microeconomics is that part of economics concerned with single factors and the effects of individual decisins.

As we see and read this one can tell that the people in pwer do not try to resolve and think about the true economic structure of our country and derive what is true economics and what is wrong. If they would have thought bout i t  then there would have been no problem with the American Economic Policy.

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