Economic Slumps and Recessions

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This is a two part essay that discusses the outcome of a recession and an Economic Slump. It is just my own viewpoint.

Submitted: January 27, 2008

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Submitted: January 27, 2008



Thoughts on Recession and Economic Slump



Sometimes we think that we are not going to be getting anywhere this month or the whole year. The economists have to decide whether we are in a recession or just a slump after the first of the year. That is what is probably the most important thing to say about a slump. All of the signs point to it.


The signs are:

  1. Slowing of the economy
  2. prices on some things high and on others slow
  3. People that are disabled going to school to train themselves.
  4. Traffic on streets with people moving about..
  5. Credit Card  Sales rarely used. Only real US$
  6. More cash money being used to get the worth of the money down.
  7. Not many layoffs in those days. Only when the traffic as the people now takes the busses.


In several weeks the Economy will be back together because there will be more money in the economy. People will be going to church bazaars to help sell the stuff.. There might mean a fire like an after birth burning solidly.These people  The Government  will award these people incentives on what he /she can do with the incentives. If it is properly used I think the economy will become affluent. By that I mean they won’t believe the outcome..


  1. With lending rates are high people should have a good effort at full payback no default.
  2. Cars that are old and in good condition may go further than the rest.
  3. The recycle industries would bring in some natural income from the cans.
  4. Curriculum at all schools will  be teaching the same thing but with slight differentiation.
  5. Money supply in the low income States is more than the high income States.
  6. No rebates of goods only money that is earmarked for certain things in the Economy.
  7. No School financing especially in the Junior Colleges.
  8. The hot spots in the economy where too many Grants in Aid are issued these entities should be monitored for their Profit and Loss. Maybe they’re using their Profit for themselves rather than putting it back into the entity.


These are just some of my thoughts on how to do away with a recession.






















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