Economic Stimulation

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This short story/Essay deals with the fallacies of Stimulation of the American Economy and why jobs are created.

Submitted: October 22, 2007

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Submitted: October 22, 2007



Every now and then the topic of new job creation comes up in the news. Some of this talk is absurd because the jobs that are created are felonious.

The real jobs in the Economy appear in the daily newspaper classified ads and in the daily listings of the State Employment Service. The Government not the State but the Federal  Government through some means creates jobs and educational programs that make people think that they are going to get something good from the training or from the job that they get that is created. These created jobs come up whereby individuals are trained for a specific time to help them acquire a skill that would enable them to get a better stature in life.

But what they don’t know is these jobs were stimulated/created by people maybe in the Legislative Branch of our Government. The Congress is full of rich men and women. Some of them are the owners/heirs to big corporations such as Kleenex, Scott Paper Goods, Johnson and Johnson, Firestone and various other property Management Firms. They probably divest some of their personal funds that they get from lobbyists and other organizations that give them their election and campaign money.

These people get mad when they are called to task for their wrongdoings. Members of Congress will slip into places where people they want to find out about are and use fictitious names, chest padding, dyed hair and phony car license plates. When they are caught doing things that are unlawful and get taken into custody they say that they can’t be held because they are Members of Congress.

That is not so in California especially in Southern California which is where they all come to. Some of them die in their home state and come to California to lead a double life. Some Members of Congress die of a Heart Attack which isn’t a legal cause of death. It is according to the American Heart Association a death statistic not a legal cause of death. Take for example one Congressman in the Long Beach, CA Congressional District died of a Heart Attack in his District but was receiving mail at an address in Washington, D.C.

These people check up on their investments and their divestiture of funds. Congress in both houses has a bank in each house whereby they can get money any time that they want. This money money they use to fly or travel here and there at the expense of the Government.

Basically the whole idea od job stimulation in the Economy is a fallacy. Government control of an economy is not a free economy like it should be. The Government should let the businesses operate without Federal Regulatory efforts. They should let the States and local Governments through their own regulatory efforts. This then would cut out a lot of the excess spending that the Government does to stimulate the Economy.

If Government would stay out of the Economy then Capitalism would prevail and America would be back the way it was after World War II. So America take heed of these thoughts and remember don’t stick your nose into something that you might regret later on.

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