Edith and the Bees

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This is a teen age story dealing with Bees and a young girl. Her motehr rescues her from the bee stings and takes her to a doctor.

Submitted: April 30, 2007

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Submitted: April 30, 2007




"Mama," she cried.

"Edith! What is wrong?"

"Mama, I was outside and some bees came and stung me. I've been stung ten times."

"Ok, Edith. Come into the kitchen and let me clean up your wounds. I also have some calamine lotion that I can put on the stung areas."

"Good, Mama! I'll be right there."

A few seconds later, Edith was in the kitchen. Her mother checked all over her hands and face to see how much was stung. After checking the wounds, she washed them with alcohol and applied some Calamine lotion. It made Edith feel much better.

"Mama, I feel much better. The lotion calmed down the pain in my arms from the stings. Do you think that I should go see the doctor?"

"Edith, I think that we should go see him just in case there are complications from the stings. I'll call the doctor in a few minutes. But first let me decide what to do about the bees. Maybe I'll call an exterminator to come take care of the bees. First let me call the doctor. Edith, stay inside until after the exterminator gets rid of the bees."

"Thanks, Mama! I'll go to my room and play."

"I'll make the phone calls and then I'll let you know if the doctor wants to see you."

A few minutes later, she came into the room where Edith was playing. "Edith, you have an appointment with Dr. Samuels for 3 p.m. today. The exterminator will be here at 12:30 to take care of the bees. You just stay inside until we leave for the doctor's office."

"Ok, Mama! I'll stay and play in my room. Can I have something to eat?"

"I forgot it is to time for lunch. I'll fix us both some Chicken Noodle Soup."

"Mama, I will enjoy that."

"Come to the kitchen in five minutes and I'll have it ready for you."

When Edith came into the kitchen, her mother brought the hot soup to the table. Edith seeing as she was hungry ate two bowls. She enjoyed the soup and went back to her room to play.

At 1230, the exterminator came and got all of the bees into a simulated hive. He didn't get stung because he was wearing protective clothing. After finishing the job, he talked with Edith's mother.

"You can tell your daughter that I've got all of the bees out of the yard. The bill for the service comes to $45."

"Good! I'll pay you right now with a check."

Several minutes later, she came back with the check. He thanked her and went on about his way. At about 2:30, Edith's mom called her to tell her to get ready for the doctor's appointment. Edith got into the car's front seat and her mother got into the drivers seat. It was a short ride to the doctor's office.

When they arrived at Dr. Samuels Office, the nurse took Edith to one of the exam rooms right away. The doctor came into the room to examine her right away. He told her that she should be careful and not wash the skin for the next couple of days. He also mentioned to her that she would not have to come back unless she had severe complications. These he described to her mother.

After that both Edith and her mother left the doctor's office for the trip back home. While in the car, Edith mentioned to her mom, "Mama! I'll never go near a bee again."

"That is okay! You don't have to worry. You've learned a lesson and you know what you did wrong."


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