Formation of LIttle Saigon (2040) - Part One

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This is Part One of a Definitive Essay on how some foreign natinalists are planning on maybe forming a new City within and taking over three cities her in Orange County, CA.

Submitted: October 23, 2007

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Submitted: October 23, 2007



This is a short essay on why the press allows such things to be printed in publicly controlled newspapers. The proposed takeover by the Vietnamese Nationalists is I think should be considered a Treasonable Offense.


No one be they American or otherwise should advocate the overthrow of a government be it a City, A State or a Nation. This I think should be considered an Act of War against the US and the State of California.


These individuals have already started their takeover. They have money coming into Bans from their former country of Vietnam. This information I picked up through observation and listening to Vietnamese talk in area of the marketplace and of the local Bank of America. They have prices for their own food items set at the value of the currency of Vietnam in their various stores. Some of the economic goods that are appearing in the markets owned by the Vietnamese are brought in from Vietnam according to the place of distribution on the various packages.


Included with this essay is a two page article about the problem.


Continued in Part Two with the actual Newspaper Article.

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