God ! What I think about Religion?

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This is a Essay dealing about my ciorcumstances with th Spirit God and His Deity.

Submitted: July 21, 2010

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Submitted: July 21, 2010



God is himself


Glen Mayberry

I have lost the believe that I should be and remain Catholic. One of the reasons is that the Church is a money making machine. They have to have 25% of our weekly income for the Church. Throughout the year they have to have appeals for the Pastoral funds, Bishops Conference, and funds to maintain the Church Plant. My feelings on this particular matter are that the priests are more exhibitionist of their own Priestly Duty and the what they did acknowledge after taking the Sacrament of Holy Orders.

My reasons or shall we say my exact reasons for leaving the Catholic Church behind are for my health both Mental and Physical. Also according to the law when Parents die they in their last wishes tell each family member what to do in their wishes. I want them to be happy in their heavenly state in God’s Almighty Kingdom. The Church doesn’t ralize that it is bad health habits for 50 people to sip wine from same receptacle with out scrubbing it with water. The priests talk about their personal exploits of theirs such as a card gasme with high stakes until 2 in the morning.

I am a man that has found out that if he reads and reflects about his thoughts on his personal issues, he will become united with his Nation and his true self will emerge from this such reflections. This self type is contrary to Catholic Dogma and Doctrine. God never has spoken to any man on this earth that was truthfully written and chronicled by the church.

We know very little about Christ. We have know actual facial description or physical descrition of the man or if he was a man.

The believers in the awareness of the Churches teachings about Our Lord and the other Doxctrines etc of the truth are just habituous people. These peole don’t speak of Christ. Some of these peole ask if a person believes that Christ is their personal Savior. These peole have their thoughts and own misconceptions of Christ or God because of what I have stated.

They also b elieve that god or Jesus is their spiritual idolatrous. This person is Christ a person with Supernatural Powers and desires to be someone that is worshipped not only by his acolytes the priests and also by every man and women along with their Siblings. Some people who start this thing along this prescribed teachings and are forced to bring them up according to the teachings of the Church. This form of living for a child according to a mysterious mystic makes the youngsters usually sick. When they get that way the Church says nothing about the young childs faith but when the child gets sick it is usually the beliefs of the parents brought about by the Church who is thought to be the legal entity of the Child’s growth and guidance until the day of the childs death.

The End

Glen Mayberry

July 2010

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