Governmental Operaetional Fallacies

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This is a brief output from my memory about some fallacies of/about people that get into Political Office that have shaky backgrounds and history that aren't quite legal.

Submitted: November 05, 2007

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Submitted: November 05, 2007



Some people don’t know it but certain individuals get elected to Federal Offices that are crooks. When they were 22 or so, this man got booked in Jail for drunk driving and got probation for 2 years with no further driving privileges. This court actionon  this person was done in the State of Connecticut. His father that was in the same Political Office doesn’t know what his real name is. Sometimes on the Internet it is one way and other times it is a different way. Does he know what his name was like at birth? That is the way he should use it.


Why do these men get elected to office if they don’t have a clean criminal History? This writer can’t work in the labor force, get a professional or driver’s license because of his mixed up Criminal History and wrong input to his Background and Criminal History by certain individuals in certain City court Offices. He is having his record expunged and the illegal part of his record sealed for his own good.


So why don’t these people have their backgrounds and Criminal History checked before running for high Political Office? Under California law, you can’t hold Political Office if you have Criminal History of even a misdemeanor. If you have this record you can’t even have a Driver’s License or a Professional License.


This Writer’s record consists of Misdemeanors that he was convicted on and served ten days in jail and two years Probation. He gets confused and thinks about and tries to think of ways that he can get a better stature in life. When he does that he gets in trouble with his family. Several days later, he writes about it and then he goes the straight and narrow.for another 2 to 3 months then it happens again. He gets disturbed and then his head goes astray for another unlimited period of time. So why do these men get into high political office with shaky social, behavioral and criminal problems in their backgrounds.


Let my readers, read this and decide for themselves about these people in high Political Offices. These people are trusted by the people that elected them and then they lose their trust by their actions which are deceitful. They are intimidating the people that elected them.


November 6, 2007

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