Have Faith and Let it do it!

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This Article tosses us onto a Tempest Tea Pot. Thinking about it could cause violent outburst in a Company or a person

Submitted: October 06, 2010

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Submitted: October 06, 2010



People in jobs today don't talk about them. The reason being that they are scared that they  wont have a job if they do.. Then I tyhink they do what they do because of the terrible winter.  Senior citizens cannot get out too much because of the weather.

The People cannot get out to spend their money on anything or go any place for social get together..  This is due to the inclement weather.  This weather is important to all people because of the means of what this type of weathe does to most of us.  The elderly people when it is cold read a a lot..

It is important for us all to do something to get our health okay and make us keep our health together.  Just like myself who is as curious as any buddy that the economy is better thismorning. They stated that the Economy was on a green turn today.


This upturn as they call it means that the people have decreased spending and increased production of income producing elements.. These elements if picked properly would have the appealing taste of appearance that would entice the person or persons to eat the stuff or quantity buy it

The problem listed in the above last paragraph has all of the women going to places where they can move in and take care of men. Sometimes they will move in just toget acquainted for themselves to see if these peole date. Over three fourths of the women and men come into these places to attain satisfactory relationships that are marriage minded as they say. That  type of relationship is a hard one when a man doesn't know what he is up against.

These ties are against  normal things or have reticent value upon everyday reality.. For further information on this situation, read no Bible. Only read the Daily Sports and the local Socxiety Page to see who got married and who died by looking at the Obituary Page. Then you will see who is dieng and who isn't.

Thanks for reading and have some pleasure at any time.

November 7,2010

US Glen

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