Individual Self Rehabilitation

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This is a essay/story on how I'm rehabilitating myself. It also explains how people apply for disability that try to hide their true selves.

Submitted: October 21, 2007

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Submitted: October 21, 2007



The disabled should work towards their rehabilitation and return to the life of an American within the American Economy. This precludes neither in the Government nor for the Government. But it includes some form of employment be it self employment, greater success through channeled academic education of small latitudes or reutilization of previous skills before disability occurred.

The idea of so many applying for disability payments that have advanced degrees and good work experience in their chosen fields is uncalled for. The Government cannot support everybody at the style that they want. More people are applying for disability benefits each day. These people are young and in their 20’s or 30’s. This writer is on disability benefits, sixty years old, sees his doctor, doesn’t have any income from his writing and is debt free except for debts such as his rent, phone and ISP. These people that are applying are in debt, are high credit risks and have high debt structures.

Why do these people go on Disability? Could it be to renege on their debts? That is maybe what it is. They want to not pay off their debts, do nothing but party and hang out in their apartments. Some of the women move into places where there are men. They give any man a come on smile and get mad when the man/men don’t fall for their tricks or deceptive behavior. It has been my experience that these men and these women are not behaving the way they should. Instead of having/using these deceptive behaviors they should have learned normal social behaviors while growing up.

Is this the fault of their parents? It is I feel the part of the children not their parents. Most normal parents teach or make their children learn the things that are necessary towards normal social growth.


My Personal Rebuttal


When I was young my parents taught me the things that I would need to become a individual and be able to live in a free society with some restrictions both legal and moral. I learned to work, study and deal with my own social behavior. After serving in the Army during the Vietnam War, I came home and tried to re-integrate into American Society. But I got sick both physically, emotionally and mentally. I was forced to see a Doctor, take medicine and be hospitalized for short periods of time.

Today I’m sixty years old, live in a Residential Care Facility, have adequate Medical Insurance and have adequate competent Medical Doctors. I date when I can and I take courses both in school and on the Internet. I write every day on various topics of interest and see or talk to my family frequently.

I got this way because I was determined to become something that would make me a inept and adaptive person. Before this year, I was criminalized through the behavior towards me of certain individuals both in my family and in society.

Instead of legal action being taken against me by these individuals, I took the management of the problem in firm control.. To accomplish this I got a court ordered Psychiatric Evaluation had my social, financial and mental history background done. I also  appeared before the Central District Court of California to give evidence to Federal Court Officers that I was better off than people thought me to be. This Court traced my family history back to its beginning and gathered Criminal Records that were ordered by someone in Washington, D.C. Four Federal Agencies gathered information about me and cleared my name. One of these agencies, I cooperate with to this day. My father before his death asked and gave me a letter to be posthumously opened and read one year after his death. This letter asked me to have my whole family investigated by the same agency as did mine. To further legalize myself the Government has put electronic restrictions on me to help prevent me from getting further rights violations. I will continue to write and develop into the right inept and adaptive person.

Later on in maybe the end of this year, I will publish my first book of Poetry through a Publisher; I know of or will become acquainted with. Also in the next few weeks, I will become hopefully accepted for publication of my biography in Gale Thomson’s literary resources database. This is the same publication as such notables as Jimmy Carter, George Bush and William F. Buckley are published in.

This is my explanation for why I can’t stand some of the sick people in today’s American Society and how I will rehabilitate myself without any help from State of California Agencies that do Rehabilitation. I also understand that if I make any money, I have to report the income to the Federal Agency that certifies my money each month.


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