Is the Catholic Church Really Pro American?

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This a informational summary on and about the Catholic Church. It describes almost how the Church has its businesses. The Churches have swindled men and women to go totheir Church because tehy could be saved. My Father loved my mOther so he had to become Catholic. Noe they are both dead and I'm just Going to be Believing in God and reading the Bible.

Submitted: May 28, 2008

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Submitted: May 28, 2008



The Catholic Church is a church that does not do anything really for the American People that are her Parishioners. They are one of the biggest problems and rip offs to American Society that “My Fellow Americans “will ever see. Read on to find out the partial truth of the whole matter.


The Catholic Priests live like Kings. They have a huge home, free food, free utilities, free unused cars, and free gas. They even have housekeeper that cook and clean their Rectory.


One time I was on the streets in Phoenix, AZ and went to a Priest and asked for something to drink. He answered the door and told me that he couldn’t because he was $4500 in debt. He also was drunker than a skunk. Ten minutes later, a cop came and took me to a huge facility that put me on drugs that took away my mind and my thought processes. I got out of their and went to a huge park for two days. Then after that I was put in the Phoenix VA Medical Center. Their diagnosis was “an acute reaction to adult life.” I was there for two weeks and went back to California.


In my childhood, priests were Clergy. The priests of today are more like actors. They laugh and giggle to themselves about their thoughts while giving a Sermon or Homily as they now call it. The priests of my childhood only had a $60 cash stipend per month. They had no social life and had to read their Prayers in Church each morning and evening. They had to say Mass each morning for the Sisters in the Convent. They also had to say three more Masses each morning before Breakfast.


There was no plea for support from the people each week. The Bishop was the Bishop for the Diocese and managed the Church and its subsidiary entities within his Diocese.


The Catholic Church today in California owns I think 95 Hospitals, 7 Colleges/Universities, and 110 Charity/Thrift Stores and operates Educational and Welfare Corporations.


They also have over 100 maybe more or less Book or Religious Goods Stores such as the Borromeo Guild Store. They also own several TV Stations in California and two Radio Stations in the LA Area.. They do business or sign contracts with such businesses as United Parcel Service and some priests take subscriptions to magazines and local newspapers. All of Southern California is covered Religious wise by the Tidings, The Catholic, and the Orange County Diocese Weekly and at least 17 other newspapers in Southern California. They may also several publishing houses that I can’t remember their exact number or existence.. In each and every Church vestibule there are at least 35 pre-printed books and pamphlets in the Vestibule. The real idiosyncrasy is that they still have a poor box like all the other old churches. The Poor Box with all the money they take in on a Sunday is that really needed.


Each Church is owned by the individual Church and the Diocese. I don’t know how or if they pay money in taxes to the State or the National Government. Once upon a time, they thought that they were separated from the State. That maybe means the Church co-existed by itself in the countries that it operated in.


The Church in every one of them in America has its Weekly Sunday Bulletins printed and mailed to them by J.S. Paluch Co., Inc. In this bulletin it list the weeks doings, the Scripture readings and the amount that they desired as Tithe from all of their all of their Parishioners. This amount is based upon the amount of money that is brought in each week by the bread winner. of each parishioners family. They each year give out to the contributors their annual amount that they gave each year for their taxes. So why don’t they talk about the Churches taxes?


In Summation, the Catholic Church has to be management investigated by dual teams from the Federal and State Government with no lawyers or legislators present. Then if there is something wrong a deposition would be taken and the parties would appear in the appropriate Court as prescribed by Law. The Catholic Church is basically a business disguised as a “House of God.” These then are my feelings about the matter, “So help me God.”


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