Law Violations BY Medical Personnel

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This is a essay on how Medical Personnel abused and tortured me for a long time both inside and outside of Hospitals. This treatment of Mentally Ill and otherwise I think should be declared unlawful.

Submitted: May 11, 2008

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Submitted: May 11, 2008



 The violations I will explain in the following Statement of the Facts. Never given a look at the evidence in support of diagnosis/claim by the Doctor that I was Schizophrenic. The diagnosis was given and written into the chart by the nurse or by some nurse aide before a face to face interview with the Doctor. Drugs never discussed by the Doctor with the patient before prescribing them or writing them into the chart.


Sometimes I was strapped to a bed because they were mad that I rebelled over not being able to make a phone call. Nursing Staff picked me up forcefully; drug me along the floor to a time out room. When I got there, they stripped all of my clothing off, installed a bladder catheter, and added Posey restraints.


All of the other times at hospitals I was  forced to be a witness against myself. They prescribed and did the thing. Then three times before seeing the Doctor was given medication three more times. One Doctor I saw asked me inquisitive questions such as, “Are you hearing voices?’ I didn’t know what he meant until 2008, when I ran into a problem with the same thing. I saw an article on Google Books which discussed the possibility of these voices being voices in the environment and voices that someone or somebody was using in the next office or some noise on the street below. I could also say that I was also hearing the voices of other clients in the waiting room, staff and pencil of the Doctor writing on the chart.


These comments could be adverse and a judge or they could cause a violation and regress any proceedings to a guilty verdict by the jury against the accused be it criminal later and civil later. These adverse acts of trying to diagnose and medicate before accused is found to be in need of the drugs or medicine by appropriate blood, urine and physical exam and stay in hospital is determined after completion and receipt by the Doctor that ordered them. That is the way it should be done but no it isn’t done that way because they aren’t trained in Triage, DX, Workups and Emergency Care. In the Board and Care Homes in California there is a program called Non-Medical out of Home Care. The people can be sent to the hospital even if they have a stomach ache.


Most States have hearing boards for the people to view their side of the problem. California on the other hand has a mixed up system. Criminals can be sentenced to a long stay in a Mental Hospital and be treated for their criminal problems by drugs and psychotherapy. Then there is the sort term stay facilities operated both by the state and by a Private Hospital Corporation. These people treat the people the same as those in the hospitals. These people are never given a fair hearing. Hearing Boards I think are non-existent in California except for those after many years of pill taking, facility living, and brainwashing by licensed individuals that don’t follow the rules of Law. These licensed individuals expect the State to cover up their illegal actions. These mostly all have assumed names and identities with their family names meaning 20 different things.


The right to Counsel in all cases was denied. All nurses were the Observer/Observant Counselor at large. After visual observation or before this the patient was then sent to his room or to play on the grounds.


They all the time thought that I was Mentally Ill and needed some medicine. After they were done writing the accusations in the chart, they would put their diagnosis. The diagnosis I got at the Phoenix – VA was an “Acute Reaction to Adult: Life.” For forty years, I’ve been accused of being Mentally Ill, while on busses or streets etc. But while confined in three or four jails I didn’t have to see a Psychiatrist or take pills. I was a model prisoner. I never got into fights; I did my work, ate my food and got up when I was called each morning.


In Mental Health Cases, I was held to become a witness against myself through questions by the Psych – MD upon entering the exam room. He would ask, “How are you feeling today?” This also led into three or four other questions that he would ask each time. This got awful boring. So at that point I would switch Doctors to another Doctor. This was not the usual routine. In all cases was I denied someone to represent me before the Psychiatrist? This was true of all places for Mental Health Treatment in OrangeCounty, since 1972.


This was true of all phases of County Mental Health Therapy techniques in all sectors of Mental Health Care in OrangeCounty. They teach you to socialize by playing Bingo, Arts and Crafts plus expensive field trips to the LA Zoo in a huge Bus. We were forced to go to these activities and if we didn’t go we had to explain why we didn’t go? I was forced to do nothing but their activity because that was what my mind told me to do. I rejected family dinners and went to bed at 7 P.M on those injections of Prolixin; my body was rejecting them daily.


I’ve been on all types of medications besides the Prolixin such as Mellaril, Thorazine, Clonapin, Abilify and a drug called Lithium Carbonate, which is a Inorganic Drug used within a human Organic System. When I rejected the drug, someone in my family would take me fast like in their car to a Doctor of their choosing not the one that I chose. No other member of my family denied my need for the drug but my Brother John.


John took no courses in Psychology but just kept his mouth shut. I went to see him in Daly City, Riverside, Long Beach and many other places such as all of his Orange County Homes. He would fix me a good dinner and we would watch a good movie or TV. He would take me home and I would thank him. He keeps being bothered by the pills I take which are mainly due to the fact that he is concerned for me.


Other Siblings of family treated me as if I was an invalid. They demeaned my behavior and told me what to say. Carol when she talked to me acted as if she was a Red Rooster sitting on a fence waiting for all of her little chickadees to show up. She always wanted to see my insurance cards. I didn’t want to show them to her. She at one time worked for Pacific Mutual Insurance in Newport Beach. Now I don’t think that she is employed there. Everybody in the family except for John has an expensive house. All they do is play house. You know a big patio, special expensive BBQ, drink cooler on the Patio. There were always five kinds of expensive meat for the BBQ’s, two o r three kinds of drinks. I live in this place because this is what I can afford.


Part Two


I expect to continue writing. I want to become a writer that exposes the facts and fallacies of the excoriating people and their propagandized thoughts. This productivity might be hampered by some certain Northern California relatives unless they can be legalized in their behavior. They play like they have a lot of money which makes me and the rest of the family mad. They probably think that they have rights over the family because of their Religion which might be a form of Atheism that they call Christianity.


Part Three


· This applies to the Archuleta’s, and the Dearmin’s. Instead of Jail Terms I would suggest long periods of Probation with the stipulation that they must follow the Court Orders or they will be incarcerated according to the set penalties of Law.


1. Civil Rights

2. Snooping

3. Practicing medicine without a license.

4. Traveling Nurse – May have had a bogus license.

5. May have not of been legally married.

6. Polygamous

7. U. S. Constitutional Amendments violated by all accuser s besides the above that aren’t related or if possibly could be related to the Amendment Violations. The Amendments affected are – 1st, 2nd, 7th, 9th, and 15th, 17th.

8. This could be applied to the Practitioners or to the mentioned family members.

· Due Process

· Habeas Corpus

· Rights of the Accused

· Penetrators or Impersonators of some organization from DC.

· Use of people to gather and phone info to some where.


9. Big Brother Treatment


· Feel sorry attitude

· Liked to buy socks and underwear for Brother

· Gave me Gift Certificates

· Never called to talk to me on the telephone

· I always have to call them


Part Four

Legal Rights Violations that pertain

To Tom, Cathy, Cindy and Ed


1. Sob story to go back to where I was in Fullerton

2. They didn’t know the situations

3. They want me to have a life and how they want it to be and just like they planned it.

4. They expect me to do as I’m told.

5. They never mail me anything such as a letter

6. They never say what they are doing like I do in my E-mails








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