Letter to American Psychological Association

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I sent this to the APA this week regarding Psychiatrist nd Psychologist which described theeir diagnosis and how they arrive ar early onset of disease. REad and Enjoy!!!!!!1

Submitted: March 16, 2008

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Submitted: March 16, 2008



This is a copy of a letter that I sent to the following place::


American Psychological Assn


First Street, NW

Washington, D.C.20002-4242


To whom it may concern::



There is something wrong today with our Psychiatrists and Psychologists. The Psychologists are trained to treat behavior. Whereas Psychiatrists are trained to treat the mind and the overall state of it..


They don’t seem to come up with a conclusive Diagnosis with backup of information on the chart to insure that the diagnosis is the proper one. These days a doctor will see a patient I the hospital with one diagnosis and upon release from the hospital change it.


In the past forty years, I have taken 47 different kinds of medicines either for Depression or Schizophrenia..


I ask, “Why do they change the diagnosis?”


For a course of Clinical Therapy the therapeutic methods and ideologies for chemotherapy must look towards the long term effect. Today’s psychiatrists do not know about long term and short term because they don’t know how to treat somebody for a long term problem. They should have a Treatment Plan not a Care Plan. Most of these CA-Residential Care Facilities were formed by that master showman Ronald Reagan. If the problems of the people can be helped by a Doctor they should be helped. If the Doctor cannot help the patient, he should refer them to another Doctor not a colleague. It could even be to another Doctor in another discipline. All people that want help should go for help. Let the person make up his own mind whether he/she wants help.. If he doesn’t want to see a psychiatrist, he doesn’t need too.


Would you believe that a psychiatrist, I know goes to 18 Residential Care Facilities and each time a new patient comes in the Med Clerk thinks that the person needs to be on Psych Meds. This is even if he previously wasn’t on Psych Meds. He thinks he is the House Psychiatrist and has a contract from the owner to treat everybody at his facility. It should be left up to the person to see the Doctor’s of his choice and not like any of the hoodlums that these places get to treat their invalid patients.


These Doctor’s do not help anybody. Doctor’s other than Psychiatrists in 75% of the Medical Offices throughout this country all think of themselves as therapists. When a patient is referred to them they talk to them. After talking to them they prescribe some small pills and at the next week the Doctor asks, “How are you doing? “The patient says,

“I’m doing okay. I have no urinary problems and I still like to eat out at least once a week.”

After that the Doctor says,” I think you’ll be okay. Take these medicines as I’ve prescribed and I‘ll see you in Two months. The girl will give you your time etc. out front.”


In summary then, the Doctor should learn to treat one diagnosis not three at the same time. Sometimes diagnosis that aren’t very strong ones could be listed as non-primary diagnosis and then all the other problems on the patients Room and should be treated as such..


Each persons Clinical Record with a Doctor or whatever is keep in summary form on microfilm. A pill for each symptom is very wrong. And these Doctor’s think that it can remain on Disability Payments. Each Month the bills are brought in on a push cart. These Long term facilities are okay for this but they must . Also if the night man gives out the wrong pills and I get a girl pills I could transpose into oranges, I could blow burnt out with some kind of oriental bacteria. Also “Remember the thoughts of all the people walking around in our backyard.. Most pills the Doctor will prescribe these for their patients not any one else.”


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