Little Saigon-Part Two

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This is the second part of a Definitive Essay on how some foreign nationalists plan to takeover three cities in Orange County, CA.

Submitted: October 23, 2007

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Submitted: October 23, 2007



Dateline: Little Saigon City in 2040

Futuristic movies have captured our imaginations for years. So I began to wonder, if all the .ideas in the ERA report that has been reported in the . WESTMINSTER HERALD for the last

several weeks were implemented, just what would Westminster look like? Here

we go ... .take your imagination with me to

the year 2040 (not allthatfar away really )

Clut scht Wff

anc Hel Le' m

After backing out of my driveway from my home of 84 years, I feel pretty perky this morning. My replacement hips

and knees make me feel like dancing they r feel so good. My laser eye treatment has fh' me seeing 20/20 and my ear implants have' I me hearing better than the last dog I owned. Y~p; it's gonna be a good day. Getting my hair done by Ling at the local Hair Salon will just begin my day ..

iSti Cc:


After my appointment with Ling, I a.~ look pretty good for an Octogenarian. The Octane Group will be meeting in Huntington Beach, so I will go there to me,et and see what is up with the other Octogenarians, My new Chinese Zippy

car is kind of small but I will then go to the store on my way home, and load up with

a few groceries; Again, I'll be shopping in Huntington Beach because there are no C grocery stores that carry the variety ofe items I like in the re-named town I once knew as Westminster but is now "New

Saigon". fE'


t fl



Back in 2017, after a majority of Vietnamese-American's were voted on to the City Council they put it on the ballot to S change the name of Westminster to "New Saigon". Since there was an astounding voter turnout in favor of the name change, you could see signs changing all overtown. Now resembling Southeast Asia, most signs were first written in Vietnamese then

in small 'print there was some description

of what the store was in English under that.

I pass the Asian Business Center

at Beach Blvd. and Bolsa, which looks ~

Continued on Page 7

See '~Dateline: Little Saigon City

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