Mortgage Loss Management

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Ths is a short essay on the management of Mortgages. The banks issue to MOrtgages without giving the customer any education.

Submitted: May 06, 2008

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Submitted: May 06, 2008



Management of Mortgages When people l;ose their mortgages, they fall into the trapof having more credit than was actually needed. Ths credit actually in actuality if it is extra would have an affect on your individual Line of Creditand future Housing EQuity.They keep spending until they can't afford to spend anymore or are also unable to live anyplace. Then the law steps in and tells these people that they should go toa homeless shelter or go to FAmily Services. The banks extended the people the credit. So they should have given them someFinancial Counseling orDebt Payback Counseling. Why buya home when usually Mortgage Rates are so high? This is because they don't know that Apartment Rates are usually lower than Mortgage Rates. Then they would have to follow the State Landlord Tenant Law. To accomplish this they should dissolve all of their billsby going to a Debt CounselingOrganizxation. This is better than dissolving the the debts through Personal Bankruptcy which in a few years won't be around. For further information look in your phone book for Debt Counseling or Financial Counseling. A further note on this subject is the President starting a Financial LIteracy Council which will start this month(May, 2008).Continuation

Mortgages and Other Financial Instruments:


  • First Trust Deed
  • Second Trust Deed


  • Businesses Mortgage
  • Pre-financed Mortgages

Credit Types

  • Installment Credit
  • Credit on annual income
  • Credit on Monthly Income

Payments can be arranged if they have equity/credit rating.

Other Credit Types:

  • Business Credit
  • Personal Credit
  • Specialized Credit i.e. Barnes and Noble Master Card

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