Notes on the Law of Agency

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This is a summary of my notes and lesrning on the Law of Agency from my class on Business Law One at Cerritis College in Norwalk, California. My teacher then went into the Law of Agency at length and I have done further reading on it in various other books.

Submitted: November 09, 2007

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Submitted: November 09, 2007



The criminal in everyday society, especially some ladies that are fighting amongst why they can’t get any normal man to let them into their pants because it is against the Law of Agency.


These deviates don’t really realize that if they have one baby outside the state of wedlock they have become involved in an agreement that is legally binding upon the parties until death do they part. This Law of Agency must be followed by the man and woman having the baby out of wedlock they must keep that baby, get married, raise that child and stay married. They both made the mistake and therefore they must stay together. If they put this child up for adoption, they then violate this law. If they don’t take care of the child, educate it, feed it, clothe it and they don’t they also violate this law.


In some States especially California put these children into State Hospitals, give those new names, trust funds and after the natural parents die somehow, they let them out. This La was signed into Law by I think Edmund “Pat” Brown and the name change ideas was signed into Law by then Governor Ronald Reagan.


These men and these women think that they have to date, get married and have children. They do not know how to attract males or females. I was told by a former Social Worker that the School of Social Work Building at USC is named after him, that the man to be attracted must feel a glowing sensation in his belly button with some slight sensation of four or five pins in the same area.


This some people think is silly because one is attracted only if they have the right emotional chemistry. Some things people become attracted by their clothing, their looks, and their thoughts and by their social attitudes.


The law both in Federal and State Governments should be sub amended so that all these people and all their babies should be spayed or neutered after having so many babies.


To close, I will let my readers decide what to do. They should decide that if they are in the same boat they should think about what I’ve said. They also should learn that this is the absolute truth both not only from Business Law but from Moral law also.



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