Old Lady Alone

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This is a short story regarding the displacement of an old lady.

Submitted: January 09, 2008

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Submitted: January 09, 2008



Once upon a time, there was an old woman named Thomasina that lived in an old folk’s home. She thought that she could lead her life like she use to. She also thought that she could tell other people what to do.

A day later she realized there was something wrong with her. Her daughter told her, “Mom, why don’t you behave like you use to when Dad was alive?”

“I don’t know why! Maybe it is because I don’t have a job any more. Maybe I’m depressed or have some unknown problem.”

“Mom, I’ll ask Katrina the med room tech to get you to a doctor so that you can get some help.”

“Thanks, I appreciate that.”


Several days later, Katrina came to Thomasina’s room with a tall, dark and well dressed man. “Thomasina, this is Dr. Freestone who will be seeing you on a regular basis. He is a psychiatrist that specializes in the aging adult and their problems.”

“Hello! I’m Doctor Freestone. I understand that you don’t like your life the way it is.”

“Doctor, that is right. I’m about to go out of my mind at this place. Do I need to take some medicine or will my problem just go away?”

“Thomasina, I’ll need to prescribe some medicine for you.”

“Thank you, Doctor.”

“You will also take this medicine at lunch, dinner, and bedtime. It is a small amount of Zyprexa. I’m going to only give you five milligrams each time. That should help you.”

Doctor, could you explain how it will help me?”

“I can and I’ll make it brief.”

“This medicine will make you think different and it will help you get outside more often. You should just wait and see.”

“Thank you and can I start on it soon.”

“I’ll give the prescription to Katrina who’ll order it through the house pharmacy. It should be here tonight for you to start taking it at bedtime today or no later than lunch tomorrow.”


Right after dinner at 5:30, the medicine for Thomasina arrived. Katrina then gave Thomasina the first dose. Several minutes later, she could feel the medicine working on her body and head. She told Katrina, “I’m glad that the doctor prescribed the medicine that he did. I’m beginning to feel better already.”

“Thomasina, don’t think like that until you’ve been on the medicine for awhile. Besides you’ve just started on it. Dr. Freestone will be here next Thursday afternoon to see you again.”

“Good, I’ll be glad to see him again.”



The next week, Thomasina stopped arguing and she got out of her room for several hours each day. That same week, Dr. Freestone came to see her.

After talking with her for awhile, Dr. Freestone recommended that Thomasina go to the local SeniorCenter at least three mornings a week. He talked further with her and with Katrina also.

The next day Thomasina was told that the van would take and pick her up at SeniorCenter right after lunch. That day the van driver from the facility picked her up at 12:30. When she got into the van the driver asked Thomasina, “Thomasina, How did it go today?”

“Just fine, I’m going to be taking an exercise class, a computer class and a book discussion class. I’ll be going Monday through Friday and I’ll also eat lunch at the Center each day.

Dr. Freestone told Thomasina at his next visit, “Thomasina, you’re beginning to feel like what I told you. The Zyprexa is working on you just the way I thought that it would.”

“I’m glad Doctor. I sure do feel different.”

“I’ll see you again in two months at my office. I’m sure that you’ll be alright. If any thing goes wrong have the nurses here call me.”

“Thanks, Doctor. I’ll let the nurses know if anything goes wrong and I‘ll see you in two months.”



Six months later, Thomasina was still doing well and was still attending the SeniorCenter. She really appreciated her classes and her life. She continued to see Dr. Freestone but at his office. Dr. Freestone continued her on the same medicine and she enjoyed talking it.

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