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This discusses the way Socilists takeover a Country.

Submitted: August 23, 2007

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Submitted: August 23, 2007




As the advocacy of the Jobs Bills and the stupid people in Congress that try and make jobs for people in America because they want all the People to return to work and the Full Employment, it is the Socialists Theory that advocates full employment in the country. They try to get the President to sign bills pertaining to creating jobs for the people. Why should they make the President think that he should sign bills such as those.? Basically I think that these Bills and the make jobs for awhile for the people are totally un-American. In a Capitalist Economy, the person when he is unemployed goes out and tries to find him a job. Even if it is digging a ditch, sweeping a floor or driving a cab. Then if he tries hard enough by talking to people about what he should do with him self. He/She should listen about what is said on TV or radio and by reading various newspapers.


The Socialists come into a country and takeover the various industries that affect the total movement and distribution of the products etc to the marketplace. Then they become  owners of stores and stop people from working in their stores unless they come in from one of their hiring and referral agencies. They come into the screen and TV making businesses and form guilds and unions for the promotion of their own common good.


Then they buy into stores and banks with their money. After that they become somebody famous. They usually die of a heart attack and go into the world to see what devious things they can do. They also try to develop anti- governmental laws that are really laws that are unethical and un- democratic.


The Socialists when they come into a Country change their name and their faces plus their eye color and their fingerprints. The true American never changes anything and he never dies until the day he is laid in the grave whereby his/her whole body becomes dust again. The real Americans never die twice and are laid in a grave with the same grave marker name twice. The Diagnosis of death by Heart attack according to the American Heart Association is just a statistical cause of death.


These others sneak into a country and begin their takeover of a country by becoming famous and start becoming involved in problems of their original countries such as Social Welfare. This State/Country is usually destroyed by this type of social destruction of a society within a state that is a Republic.


These then would then destroy the actual areas of a Democratic Form of Government maybe the USA.


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Glen G. Mayberry

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