Presidential Baby KIllers

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This is a story about the things people try and blame teh President of teh US for killing their babies. I tell tha tthey can't It is their fault or the Doctors fault not the Preseident.

Submitted: February 21, 2008

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Submitted: February 21, 2008



This morning, February 21, 2008, while reading a copy of a Newsweek article there was a mention of George W. Bush as being a baby killer. The President never kills anybody because he took his oath and said….”So help me God!” This means that he is calling for God’s Help to get him through the trials and tribulations of his office.


The President just like me is a non-combatant. He was in the Texas National Guard and couldn’t pass his flight test because he drank the previous night. He now doesn’t drink or smoke just like I don’t. He quit drinking four months after I did. I am only four months older than George W. Bush. I’ve heard other people say that he killed our Boys in Iraq. He didn’t kill them they got themselves killed because they didn’t learn from their DI in Boot Camp how to not get you shot. In other words they were poor soldiers. How can he kill a soldier in Iraq when he is the President living in Washington, D.C.?


He as the President has to worry about himself, his wife, and his two real non-druggie daughters and this country also. I am also a non-combatant Vietnam Era Veteran. During his Administration, I got my VA Pension after 35 years, Medicare Part D, and my Military Discharge being brought before hearing board. I was discharged honorably but for Administrative purposes with the Discharge Authority for an Enlisted person not a Draftee like me. I did the research here on my computer and mailed the information to the appropriate office in Washington, D.C. The Congress doesn’t have to worry about the Domestic Surveillance program it is probably done to find out about me. Every day when I get on the bus there is always an agent either and MP or a T-Agent. I signed a request for a Investigation of my past by an agent who just showed up at where I was. He told me to sign it and I did. Ever since then it has been surveillance. I have cooperated with then since them to the fullest. In 1980 or so, another thing came asking for a criminal records and history background. I did everything and turned it over to them.. I carry all my registration numbers in my wallet. If the President were a killer he would have sent somebody with an arrest warrant or would have put me away. Ronald Reagan had two Nancy Davis’ on the Hollywood Blacklist. So he took one of the girls and married her one month later. The other one he locked up permanently.


Also would he send a nobody in the government a Beautiful Thanksgiving message and a Christmas card signed by him? I don’t since getting this thing done go out with any girls just to go out. The ones I go out with are female agents because we just talk over a soda or coffee about things. Also they by just being there make me think of other things other relationships. I think about my disastrous relationships in bed the same night.


Also the Presidents as far back as I can think have never killed anybody. So why do all of you think that he is a baby killer. If he killed a baby that is considered Murder One. He can’t do that because he doesn’t own a gun. The Secret Service carries an arsenal with them when the President travels and they now are authorized to carry revolvers when on Protection Duty. The President when he leaves for a trip departs the White House at 2 AM. and when he returns comes back at the same time.


Finally he as President has been sued 90 times by Families here in California for theft and other minor infractions. He has put in prison for those law suits almost 900 men, women, and children. All of these records of suits appear in the Us Courts Case Register or you can call the US Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles. It was done legally before a US Magistrate. Also a President has Immunity from Prosecution, which means he can’t be sued or prosecuted. All Presidential Cases like the ones I’ve mentioned cannot be heard in a municipal or Superior Court. The charges must be filed with the

US Court



So as I have told you never make false accusations about the President or the Secret service because you could go to jail for a long time. That also goes for making phony uncalled for complaints about why somebody got up to early in your home. Any one can get up when he wants.


So in closing, never file complaints against the President. The best way is to go to the Local Secret Service Office and talk with them. They will be able to direct you t the nearest Federal Department that could help. you with your problem..


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