Presidential Censure

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Thoughts ON the US Congress.

Submitted: July 22, 2007

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Submitted: July 22, 2007



I have some good thoughts and some bad thoughts on the Members of the US Congress. They can travel all over the world at the expense of the Government. Whereras wihtin Title Five of the US Code it states that no one can travel at the expense of the Government.

Congress always tries to con demn the President for his actions. The Presidents actions are controlled by the Rules and laws of our Government. This afternoon a US Senator tried to start Legislation to censure the President and other members f his Administration. They think that he is the worst President we have ever had. I disagree and here are my reasons for my beliefs:

1. The President has done a lot for our country while he has been in office. He has gotten Government re-established in Iraq, restarted their economy, and started to have the Iraqi Government have some laws instead of Chaos. For further information, please look at the Operation Iraqi Freedom website.

2. He has new Health Care reform legislation in the works. He has signed legislsation to restrict the amount of Social Security for retired workers to $1000 per month. He also has started a Back to Work Program for all Americans.

3. President Bush has also reorganized the Law Enforcement arm of the US Government and has formed the huge Homeland Security Department. His Homeland Security program has strengthened security at our Airports and our Highways. The Secret service now only guards the Presdident. Homeland Security investigates people in our country. The FBI investigates now Big Business and International Business in our country. The IRS now colllects Taxes.

4. He also has made a Medicare prescription Drug Plan which is Part D on any body's Medicare Card.

Therefore let all Americans and other nations know that Presidetn Bush while in office has done a lot of good for our country. I highly support the President and his programs and I also hope that all people that know our Country will support America and President George W. Bush.


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