So Long, Dad

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This is a short Story that I wrote after my Father's death in September, 2006

Submitted: June 02, 2007

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Submitted: June 02, 2007




On August 23, 2006; Tommy L. Mayberry while in Saddleback Memorial Medical Center died of a Pulmonary Embolism. This November 11th, he would have been 84 years old.

He and my mother were married and lived together for 63 years this past March. Their love for each other showed when they were together.

Dad worked outside the home during his lifetime and mom raised the children. He worked for McDonnell Douglas for thirty five years as a Quality Engineer and enjoyed his work very much. For a long time, he smoked a pipe and his choice of tobacco was Mixture 79.

For breakfast each morning, he liked eggs sunny side up, coffee, bacon and toast. This my mother fixed for him each and every morning until she wasn't able to any more. Dad liked to read the morning paper while eating his breakfast.

The family moved a lot up until several years ago. My parents sold their home and moved to rented residences after 1992. The last one to leave the family home was my sister Cindy.

The whole family would get together on birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. The whole family enjoyed this very much. We will probably carry on this tradition for many years to come.

After coming home each evening, dad would make him a vodka martini on the rocks each night before dinner. While having his drink, he would talk to mom a while. Then after they talked, mom would put dinner on the table. With his dessert, dad liked a hot cup of decaf coffee. He always drank his coffee black with no sugar or cream.

Following dinner, he liked to watch TV. Dad liked to watch only movies and game shows such as "Jeopardy" and "Wheel of Fortune." At ten o'clock each evening, he liked to go to bed and expected the whole family to do the same.

Dad never got involved in any thing within the community. He said, "In this house, we don't discuss religion, sex or politics." He also never called the police about anything either. Every Sunday morning, the whole family would go to morning Mass at the local Catholic Church. Dad never talked about the President or the people in government. He didn't encourage the family to get involved in politics or government.

Dad wasn't a member of any organization either. Neither did he have a library card. Mom was the one who read a lot. She still does to this day.


Towards the end of his life, he sort of fell apart. He died almost two years after he put mom in a Care Center. Mom had several strokes and he tried caring for her. It got so hard for him that he couldn't do it any longer. Their insurance counselor placed mom in a Care Center where she would be cared for.

He still drove their car to see mom each day. He would spend the whole day with her. Dad also maintained his own apartment by himself. The last three months of his life, he got terribly sick. In three months, he was in the hospital three times. The last time that he was in the hospital, the doctor wanted him placed in an Assisted Living Facility. Three days before he was to move to the facility he died.

He was called to eternal life by God. I'm sure that he has gone to a place and a life better than what he had towards the end. He will be missed.

Via Con Dios, Dad!

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