Social Welfare Program Controls

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This is a long definitive essay on the problems that Disabled and Social welfare Program Individuals cause. These problems are not yet recognized as anything by the law and lawmakers. They are definitely a problem and have existed for at least thirty years.

Submitted: November 19, 2007

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Submitted: November 19, 2007



It has been known by some individuals that the Economy shouldn’t be controlled. The Economy in some parts/aspects should be controlled.

To remedy certain of these situations there should be economic sanctions /controls of these individuals. Some individuals don’t realize that when they are on disability that they only can have/get so much money and services. They think that the Government has to give them what they want even though it might be against the law. These individuals try to make the Government give them this money by suing the Government. The Government cannot be sued but the Government can sue these individuals and put them away for a long time.

These individuals do not know the difference I feel between right and wrong. To solve this, put these people in a place whereby they get just what they need and nothing more. If they complain put them in their place by having the lawful authority influence them.

Let these individuals realize that to be in society they must learn that there is a right way and wrong way of doing things. Some people can’t realize any thing. They like to think that every thing in the outside world is the way that they think it is. Then when someone says something that they don’t like they tell the person tot talk about something that is more pleasant for them.

In twenty five years of living in establishments that cater to the individuals on Disability and Social Welfare money, the way these people think is what I call against the social norm.

These individuals like to have luxuries when they can’t. They like to have heat that is real warm for twenty-four hours a day during the winter. This in itself is a waste. Another thing that they like and think that they need is Cable TV when just the regular old TV Stations would do just the same. This costs them money which they don’t think about before they sign the contract. They sign the contract before thinking if they can afford the service. They also think that the landlord in the places that serve food should provide them with the food that they want and don’t think about eh other individuals. These people get groups to try and make the owners give them the food they want. Sometimes these individuals don’t know it a lot of them don’t like to pay their full amount of rent each month. They also don’t realize that the food costs money that comes out of their rent money. The landlords let their petitions and gripes go in one ear and out the other ear.

These men and women also think that they have to have a daily newspaper delivered to their door. All they look at are the Sports and the TV Sections. They never look at the News Pages or the Help Wanted pages. Some of them can’t afford to pay for their subscriptions. They like to have subscriptions to magazines such as Ladies Home Journal and Good Housekeeping. The men like Body Building and Playboy or Sex magazines. They don’t need these because they are not in a home of their own. Their families bring them in cases of fresh water, 2-12 pack cases or more of Soda and Potato Chips with all kinds of other goodies for them to eat. My family doesn’t buy any of this stuff. So why do they need it anyway?

There is fresh water out in these places 24 hours a day. The Activities Department in these places has books and magazines of all types. Most places you can buy soda, cookies, potato chips and other things at an economical price through vending machines and facility run stores. They also have activities such as Ice Cream Socials, Movies, field Trips to Museums and the beach plus Music, Dancing and church services for most faiths. In most places, there is a full time Activity Leader to facilitate these programs.

Every one of these places has snacks, water and coffee all day and into the night. Some places put out fresh fruit several times a day.

These people have all of these amenities and social programs, but what they don’t do is keep up their familial relationships. They rarely take a bus to their families’ home or visit their family for a weekend. They also like to have steady boy friends and girl friends so that they can have a social life that they would have if they were out in the Community by themselves. Some think that they have to have a car when there is Bus Service in the area. These social friends of these people come into the facilities and visit plus smoke with their friends for hours. They also get told by their other friends how happy they are that they have a boy friend or girl friend. They all think that they are going to get married. The idea of getting married should be the farthest thing from their minds. Some of them are in wheelchairs or walkers and can’t even get to the bed without being assisted. Most of them cannot I think reach orgasm or copulate. This Writer has had 13 marriage proposals brought before him when we didn’t date each other. We only spoke to each other once or twice to say, “Hello.” Several of them have tried to take legal action against me as to why I didn’t want to marry them.

The legal problems of these individuals are numerous. They like to sue people out of court and their landlords also. Some of them like to think and say that they own their room when it is only rented from month to month. They damage plumbing and knock holes in walls. They even some of them modify and make more power come into their room. They incur bills that they don’t want to pay for and that the State or their family should pay for them. They like to swipe or change their Social Security Numbers plus when they move form one residence to another like to have both checks with both addresses. They try to put claims in against other people that they know. They make threats against the Landlords, his affiliates and even threaten to assassinate the President. They call the Police Emergency Number and make non-emergency complaints against why their rooms are cold or hot plus all kinds of other things. When a Police Officer comes to the facility they think that one of their friends is going to get arrested. If one of their friends is taken they call every Police Department in the County to try and spring them. Some of them like to not the rent that they contract for but what they feel like paying. The landlord when they do this cannot meet his bills. Some think in these facilities that the landlord can loan them money with their promise to pay it back the next month. They tell that and don’t like it when the landlord deducts it from their next month’s spending money. All of these illegalities are absurd.

There should be a agreement in clear language given to the individual that calls out what their behavior should be. It should tell them that the Landlord/Administrator is the one responsible for them and that they are responsible to the Administrator for their facility debts and their behavior. The landlord they should know is not to be held responsible for debts other than those surrounding their rent. Their other debts such as phone, Cable TV, and Newspapers etc. are their responsibility for paying them through their own spending money. They also should be informed that seeing as the Administrator is the responsible person for them not to call the Police let his representative call them. To facilitate this Landlord should place this notice about the Police near each phone and in each room. They should also say that if they call the cops sever penalties even arrest by the Police and eviction or hospitalization plus other Civil or Criminal penalties could be pursued. These are just the facility controls.

The State should make/obtain legislation to control these individuals through the influence of their mentality. Most Social Welfare Programs emphasize socialization rather than mental growth. The State should set down Administrative Laws for the people to obtain mental growth and positive integration into the Community. I don’t recommend long term programs but short term ones with a low cost. They should be taught skills such as bus riding, grooming, bathing, and hair care plus cooking. They also should be taught how to shop, wash their clothes, suitable hobbies and many more things. Their civic and legal responsibilities of an adult person living in American Society should be taught also. The individuals in these places have Graduate Degrees and beyond. They don’t do anything such as reading a book or writing a research paper about their studies along the lines of their degrees. These individuals should be legally made to do their work because of the potential for their thoughts toward society.

Other individuals just want a job, so that they can be educated in how obtain job interviews in the Community. The CA State Rehab Department for this is not necessary. The daily newspapers and the State Employment Services are the best places. These places have resources that can give counseling, testing, interview preparation and assist in getting job placement.

The local Governments on the other hand should be made aware of the problems. They should also be made aware of the mental and social functioning of these people in their community. Their should also be enforcement laws/regulations to help these individuals function in the society and community to help enable to be completely re-integrated into society. These laws/methods could I think be done by no monetary appropriations but through education and communication on the parts of Cities and the State.

The Federal Government should enforce its’ policies in these matters through Federal Law Enforcement, the US Attorney General and the Attorney’s General of all the States. This also should be done in conjunction with the President and the Advice and Consent of the Senate. The funds /budget expenses for this enforcement could come from existing budget accounts and not through additional appropriations. By this, I meant is moving and restoring plus resizing monies within the individual accounts of each budget item for all the above mentioned agencies. There should also be adequate management communications and responsible accounting for all these matters.

All controls should be done in conjunction with each entity involved.

Writer's Summation

This paper has been written to introduce and tell the public as to what these places are like. Some Black people refer to these places as houses of ill repute. They are full of people that one time was allowed to leave the confinement of hospitals and reside in a community setting. But did these people accomplish anything or not? It is up to the Powers that will be.

Additional Problems

Social Welfare Recipients and Programs

The Social Welfare program recipient receives all kinds of services that both the State and the Federal Government pay for. These places provide jobs and training for individuals’ to help them return to society or become integrated into the Community. Some of these places such as Goodwill Industries is funded by the Government both State and Federal. They teach men and women how to put TV sets together and fix them, package parts for industry, and man other things that they can do and still collect their Disability Payments. Some recipients work for twenty years and don’t lose their Social Security Payments. A man I once knew named David worked at the Long beach Shop of Goodwill and was nearing his sixty-Fifth Birthday. His counselor told him to go apply for his Retirement Benefits and so he did. The Social Security office told him that he would be able to but must pay back thirty-Five dollars a month towards an overpayment. He was mad when that happened. But he wasn’t told way back when he started that he would have to give up his benefits because was making a substantially gainful amount. It was probably his Goodwill Counselor’s fault. David went on to retire and moved from the Care Home to a nice one bedroom apartment in the local area.

The second largest, problem are all the Socialization Centers and .Adult Day Treatment Centers. These Centers have clients come there because the counselor seems to think that they need the services that they offer. They bring them at 8 a.m. and return them to their home again at 4 p.m. During the hours that they are away they learn Social Skills, OT, PT. Group Therapy on various topics. And they get a hot lunch with snacks in the morning and afternoon; They also provide a full set of nursing personnel, along with a psychiatrist and Internist. These they say Medicare will automatically pay them 80% and Medi-Cal will pay them 20% . These are based upon their on figures not the Medicare or Medi-Cal Providers.

Along with all of these programs people have to be hired to do the paper work. These people get paid a lot of money for doing the work. Therapists also have to be hired and trained to fo what is on th therapy worksheets. A solution would be to tell the Coordinators of these facilities to send a coy of their curriculum guide for the therapy sessions to the Clinical Director as soon as possible. These program guides could then be sent to the Governmental Agency involved to see if they meet current trends. That way each program and every use of the money could be monitored for proper usage.

As one can see the Social welfare programs are very costly to both the State and Federal Governments. Only time will tell us to what will go wrong with these programs or what will be all right.

Addendum and management

The way to get around all of teh economic and monetary sanctions would be t let teh people most capable of handling themselves without a Doctor do it.. Those that can't let the Doctor see them,. Also develope large clinics at hospitals where these people can get their medical care at such a place as a UC Campus Hospiotal. The states wolud ten lower their costs and their overhead. would drop also. The Communities that have these expensive docgtors gave problems that the Doctors make them think that they can by giving their client that they are doing. Some people come to these places teh thik that they are going to stay on $9,00.Others are people that have a30 dollar a day habit of cigarrettes and soda. This poroblem should be sh owed up asvice or some con scheme that someone is trying to replace.The National Security sgiow check their behavior. This just the possible way that it could f happebned

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