The Drifter

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This is a very good tale of a man that was on parole and violated his parole. He did because he left his town without notifying his Parole Officer and he didn't like where he was living. So he left the place after giving notice.

Submitted: October 31, 2007

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Submitted: October 31, 2007



The other day at lunch, Tony told his table partner Joe, “I’ve got to get out of this place. My Parole Officer is really upset with me because I’m back on the junk again.”

“Tony! Do you mean that you’re back on Narcotics or are you on something else?”

“I’m not only on them. I’m smoking some pot also. I’ve also let my gray hair grow longer. I’m also going to dye it brown and grow a beard. That way no one will recognize me. I’m also going to get a new picture ID that shows my new hair color.”

That afternoon, Tony told Joe that he found a room in a run down neighborhood. He told Joe that his new landlord knew about his current place. His new landlord told Tony, “You’re leaving a good place. You’ll have to go out and eat all of your meals. At that place, they serve and make all of the meals. That place is better than my old room.”


Later on that day, Tony began to pack all of his things. While packing his things, his Parole Officer just happened to call him. His Officer told him that at his new place he would have to stay inside after dark. They talked for a while. Then Tony went back to his room to finish his packing before his move.

Tony mentioned to Joe, “At this new place, I won’t be taking my Methadone or any of my other medicines. At the new place, I’ll come home any time I want too. I don’t care what my Parole Officer says. I’m a free man. I’ll say my good byes.”

He picked up his bag and left. Joe mentioned to the manager that Tony had moved out. The manager Pete Kens was mad. He mentioned to Joe, “Did you know that Tony left here owing two months rent plus late charges? He evidently didn’t leave a forwarding address.”

Pete and Joe talked about Tony for a while. Pete found out that Tony was back on some narcotics and was smoking Marijuana. Pete was mad about that also. He shouldn’t have admitted him.

Later on Joe and Pete talked some more. Joe told Peter, “You should have gotten a reference from his Parole Officer. His Parole Officer should have been here when he was first admitted.”

Pete then went back to his office to continue his work. Six months later, Joe received a letter from Tony at his new address. His address was at a State Correctional Facility. He told Joe in his letter that he was back in prison for violating his Parole and would not be getting out for a long time.

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