The First Bum Rap

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This is Short Story on how Jesus might have been convicted and crucified by something Peter said. Hwe was crucified died and he was buried.

Submitted: December 08, 2007

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Submitted: December 08, 2007



Did you know that Jesus Christ was brought to his death by an unlawful complaint by Peter? As you will recall Peter asked for the guards to take him to the Sanhedrin where he was tried. Then he was brought before Pontius Pilate for more mockery. Jesus was then stripped of all of his clothing and had a crown of thorns placed upon his head. Then he was made to carry a huge cross towards a spot named Golgotha which was a hill on the outskirts of town. When he arrived they laid him upon the cross, put nails in each and in his feet. He was then raised up so that the crowd could see him die. Awhile later, he asked for something to drink whereby they gave him some wine and vinegar. Awhile later he succumbed to his fate and died.


What did Christ do to merit what he got? He was doing noting but quietly praying in the garden when the soldiers came upon him. Jesus never did anything wrong and Peter maybe wanted to take his place in the running of the Church. After the ascension of Our Lord into heaven, we see the beginning of the new church. Peter becomes its’ first Pope and takes over the rule of the Church.


Peter being the first Pope and he being the killer of Jesus, how did the murderer of Christ become Pope? He was an escaped felon a murderer and got the job that Jesus should have picked if and when he was in his final years.


The first Pope Peter became infallible. Does that mean that when someone is killed a man like Christ he gets immunity? I think that idea is not an exception but should have been dealt with later on in years.


Is the killing of Jesus the beginning of criminalities in the world? Also when a new Pope is elected the Church Members don’t know anything about him but that he is from a certain country and is a Cardinal. His priestly name or his name is changed to a new name along the blood lines of the other Popes in Church History.


So in conclusion, I say that Peter paid a price for Jesus to be crucified when he didn’t do anything at all but pray in the Garden. Also if Peter committed a crime against Jesus then all of the other Popes could be criminals too.

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