The Problem of Deficit Spending

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This is an Essay on the Problems of the Deficit since FDR. The problems today are similar to the problems back then.

Submitted: July 17, 2008

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Submitted: July 17, 2008



FDR was the first President in American History to ok more spending than the Government needed to spend. This was due to the founding of the Works Progress Administration. Cities needed more money to run their cities and Congress gave it to them without regard to the money amount spent.


The Government Programs established to deal with problems were as follows:


1. AAA or the Agricultural Adjustment Act which cost an lt to help the Farmers produce their products and get them to market. He wanted all the workers to let this act support the Farms forever..

2. The Works Progress Administration was for the social members of American Society such as Author’s, Musicians, Writer’s and Poets.


The Comprehensive Employment and Training Act of 1970, Older Americans Act. But then four years later the Great Depression came along and all bills stopped


Nowadays the money to start or create a job does not have to sell the place where the company is taken over by Government through the use of Job Funds. A business enterprise owner these days does not have to use a series of funds given by the Government. The business owner should use some of his own money/Capital that is use as a Capital investment. It is known as Start up Capital or Personal Capital Investment.



George W. Bush is having the same problems today in 2008. Congress wants and the President wants to lower Medicare expenses. The AMA has asked the Congress to write the Statement for Individual Medicare Doctors to stay the same if. Congress wants to have the Advantage Plans and other Medicare Health plans to allow them to charge a slightly lower amount for these big HMO Medicare Health Centers.


The AMA controls all Doctor Investments for members. It is sort of like a Doctors Union or sort of Medical Protector. They can als be considered the managing group.


It is not “Socialized Medicine” like everyone thinks it is controlled by Doctor’s and a lot of people think that way. Their organization should controlled by a Governing Board of not many Doctors. At this time I can’t perceive what type or education this Board should have.





1. Don’t let/forbid AMA to tell the President what prices those people what Medicare prices should be.

2. Let each Doctor covered by Medicare or Governmental Insurance get a authorized price list for each service performed beforehand.

3. Decontrol the regulatory efforts of the AMA.

4. National Registration for all Doctor’s.

5.  All grants receipts from governmentally insured Doctor’s must be posted with a certain number on it for greater accountability.

6. The AMA should be aware of the term “Caveat Emptor.”

7. Let the written law both Penal, Civil and criminal along with Public Law deal with the problem and enforcement it.



Theses Seven Steps should I hope solve the problem forever. They might get mad and come gunning for somebody. But let them try it.


Glen G. Mayberry

July 17, 2008

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