Thoughts on the Behavior of Senator Craig

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This is a short opinion that is Non-Fictinal about Senator Craig.

Submitted: August 31, 2007

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Submitted: August 31, 2007



Senator Craig cannot outright deny the charges of Homosexuality. To deny the charges would be a denial of due process. To clear himself of the charges that are pending, he sould go to court as requred and tell the judge or have  his Attorney ask the JUdge to appoint a Psychiatrist that under Cour order would give the Senator a Court Appointed psychiatric evaluation.

The psychiatrist then can give testimony to the court on the charges. If the Psychiatrist says he is Homosexual, then he is listed as Homosexual. A Homosexual according to the Oxford American Dictionary is "a person sexually attracted to people of one's own sex." The burden of proof is upon the evaluative tests such as a Psycho-SExual History, MMPI, Social History and a record of whether he has a record of adequate sexual relations with si wife. That doesn't mean the number of children. People that are homosexual can also have children and still be homosexual.

After the judge renders a decision and will  usually order the evluatee to be bound over for more psychiatric study and testing at Cour approved facilit. At least this is how it is done under CA Law.

Following the evaluation, he would then stand trial n the Senate for a Ethics Hearing and could also be brought before the BAr in his state if he is a Lawyer

That is the way it is. If private citizens are accountable for their wrong doings. Then a Member of Congress is accountable for his wrong doings also.Natioanmlly e;lected official;s such as the President have Declarative Rights against this  type of wrong doing because of their PRotectin agreement. The President is protected against these types of infractins by the SEcret Service. These public accusations by Senatr Craig might make him a dangerous threat to American Society and the people that US Senator Craig serves.





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