Thoughts on Welfare in CA

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This is a two paragraph essay on some things I've found out about CA Welfare.

Submitted: December 21, 2007

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Submitted: December 21, 2007



This statement is in regards to placing all elderly not on Social security in custodial care as wards of the State. They are/could be referred to themselves as being wards of the state. The state has taken care of them for such a long time that they don’t do nothing but sit around and don’t attempt to get themselves involved in activities such as writing, reading, educational things that would stimulate their minds.


A lot of the Elderly these days are in Common Law marriages and some of the younger people that go on SSI have advanced degrees. I have knowledge of over 450 men and women mostly women that have advance degrees that are on SSI and Medi-Cal just because they didn’t want to work in their chosen fields. The girls are all collecting money and most of them are looking for men as Boy Friends or someone to play house with.


One girl for example this morning while she was going to breakfast in her wheelchair asked me if I would come to her room, be her boyfriend, make love to her and move to her room with her. I mentioned to her that she was sick, that it was against the law to have sex outside of the state of wedlock and it was called Prostitution in the law. She quieted up then.


 This type of situation I come into almost three times a week. The welfare people here in Orange County make teh Welfare client get a job within six weeks or so of them receiving their first Welfare Check. Something needs to be done about. it.

The best thng would be do the following:

1) Monitor the people

2) Seek the approval of the law as to handle the situation

3)Eliminate any transfer of these people to disability programs because they aren't disabiled but looking for a job. SSI is for the disabled not the WElfare Client.

4) Use the State Workfare program to help give the Welfare Clientgetsome work experience.

These are some of the things that I see wrong with the Welfare program. Only time will telll whether the welfare program will survive or go under.

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