To 2008 Presdential Candidates

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This is teh summary of the problems that the 2008 Presidential Candidates don't thoroughly look at. If they put their plans into action. They are probably going to violate the Internal Revenue Code.

Submitted: February 03, 2008

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Submitted: February 03, 2008



To The 2008 Presidential Candidates


I think you all have a lot to think about before your cut taxes. Taxes are the revenues of the United States. If you lower the taxes then less revenue will come into the US Treasury. Make the taxes progressive based upon the income of each person. By the Progressive Taxation method I mean for taxes of individuals not Businesses. The taxes or revenue for a business is based upon the fact that the Business Owner has Personal Business Income from his Business profit. The business entity has to pay a certain amount of taxes each year to the Government. Not only Social Security or FICA but taxes on the Net profits of the entity.


The idea of Individual or Universal Healthcare is not so good of a thought. Why should the Government pay out money for adults that work and don’t have Health Insurance? That comes back to the whole idea of priorities and Family Budgets. The Internal Revenue Code allows parents to deduct so much from their taxes for the Medical Care they got for their under the age of nineteen dependent children. Under the law, parents can deduct for Medical Expenses for their children until they reach the age of nineteen. Then they must contract for their own Medical Care because they are legally adults in most States. The IRS provides a special form/schedule for that deduction. There is also a deduction for Dependent Children under the age of 19 also. This has been going on at least in my family for the past 85 years or longer. I’ve also been audited by the IRS privately with Treasury Forms 1099 G just filed along with 1096 Treasury IRS forms.


Also Abortion should not happen. In my church and in most Churches if a boy or girl any age has a child. They must when the child becomes full term become engaged to be married and after the baby is delivered and safe in a home must get married. They also must promise to cloth, feed, care, and house that baby until that child is nineteen years old. Babies come out of real human emotional situations through an act of God and through the actions of the man and woman. The child to be a loving child must have had parents that were friends, companions, and steady friends, felt loved, engaged married and then on the honeymoon night the wedding ritual is performed. This ritual is called sexual love which comes out of the love they got when they got married. They perform sexual love each time they have sexual intercourse and they still do it up until the day they both depart this earth..


Last but not least is the Structure of the True American Economy. The American economy is part Socialist, part Communistic, part Controlled and part Capitalistic.[Ref:Macroecnomics – McConnell, rue – Irwin/McGraw-Hill ]


So in closing, let’s hope that all of you read these paragraphs and does a little studying you might not have any trouble. But if you don’t you know that the US Secret Service has a division within its hierarchy called the Criminal Division which is a part  of three different other organizations within the big Department of  Homeland Security.


In finally ending, I hope one of you gets the Office and don’t get into trouble because of your Protection Agreement that you will sign. Have a Happy Campaign; I hope the best person wins and God Bless America.






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