U.S. Mail - Messy Problem

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This is a short discussion on some of the problems I see in the running of the US Postal Service. I say and discuss some of the overall problems and some Management Problems. I also talk about jurisdiuctinal interests that some of the Post Offices have here in California.

Submitted: November 08, 2007

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Submitted: November 08, 2007



In my life, I have seen many changes made in the US Post Office. There have been people hired by the Post Office without passing a civil service exam.  This started to happen in the past five to ten years. The Post office started to hire part time employees for limited periods and pay them high wages and after six months let them go without any job security or pension.


They hire aliens, people on welfare from the counties, and foreign nationalists that don’t know how to speak good English. The staffing at each Post Office is not very good. They now have their own Postal Inspector for each Post Office so they say here in Garden Grove. They don’t take citizen complaints. They tell the citizen to let the local Police handle the problem. The local Police say that they are local and can’t handle it. You explain it to the Police and they then get all fired mad at the Post office for telling them to get involved in a Federal matter.


They all like to talk big and are not very professional. Several Post Offices that I’ve been in have two or three different uniforms. Some of the clerks try to sell a lot of goods to the customer. I’ll bet that the clerks in some of these Offices get a commission or a kickback on how many items that they can sell to the customer. They can’t read everybody’s printing on an envelope and make up phony sales gimmicks for the customer who knows that they are phony.


Some mail trucks park outside my home window each day at lunch time for an or and a half. They also leave their trucks unlocked while they are gone also. I found out this by watching a mail man come back from lunch and just slide his door to his truck open w without putting in a key. They don’t know it but they could be got for not securing the truck and the mail inside could have been stolen by anybody.


These are just some of the fallacies, I see in how the Post Office is run these days. I will let my readers read this and decide for themselves as to how they want to complain or not complain about the Post Office. These have been my actually my personal observations that I have made over a long period of time. The Postal Service they say is a Postal Corporation and a US Government Corporation. The Government in America cannot own a corporation. It should be an independent Agency of the Federal Government.





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