Unlawful Complaints

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This is a short opinion peice on how I was involved in unlawful complaints and who I suspect wrote the law regarding them.

Submitted: October 06, 2007

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Submitted: October 06, 2007



What gives another citizen the right to complain about another citizen to the Police?

Many times in my life another citizen has complained about me to the police just because I wasn’t doing what they expected. These citizens did something unlawful and violated my Miranda Rights. These people made the Police cuff me and put me into a Patrol Unit and take me to a hospital or to jail. While at this hospital or jail I was filled with pills, chained to a bed and couldn’t make a telephone call. These people were people that were illegally acting as nurses or as Security Guards. These nurses were Christian and led the police to believe that they were right.

A real security guard never calls the police when someone walks into a open college campus and buys a cup of coffee out of a vending machine on campus. This could be called unlawful detainment or subterfuge. It also violates a person’s First Amendment Rights.

This problem began in California when then Governor Ronald Reagan through his influences started the new law “5150.” This law was written for people to be detained because of ingestion of illegal drugs such as Barbiturates, Seconal, and Opium. It was not written to have a person picked up by the police just because he talked out loud to someone in broad daylight.

This law has been changed to only preclude the person being taken by a police officer and transferred to a ambulance. It does not allow the police to transfer that person in a police car. The police when called interview the person and then through Adult Protective Services take that person to a hospital. While at the hospital, the person is given a psych evaluation by a licensed doctor and interviewed also by a social worker. If the person is responsive to treatment after 72 hours he or she is released to their home. If the patient does not respond to treatment after 72 hours he or she can be detained up to 36 days. These people can also be sent to a State Hospital for further treatment by Court Order. These person/persons can request a hearing to request his release.

Ronald Reagan has left this earth and has left behind a mess. He was the founder of the Screen Actor’s Guild which was the union for all the actor’s and actresses all over the world. He I think became President through the members of the Screen Actor’s Guild. The American People that voted for him didn’t know that much about him. The only thing they knew was that he was a famous movie actor. They only remembered him for his various roles he played on TV.

He was the one that made America a mess and someone maybe someday will finish it. He signed laws and everything that destroyed America through his influences. That is what I feel brought us to the War on Terror. The US Government was only trying to get rid of his influences so that America might become a Democracy again.

In summation, it is apparent where America went wrong. They elected someone that only put on a big act. He was an actor that turned everything upside down. His Presidency caused many unlawful things to happen and complaints to be filed in courts against his influences after his death.

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