Endless wait oncoming Death

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Submitted: January 07, 2012

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Submitted: January 07, 2012



In the cloud of smoke

I imagine what death is going to be

The death of swift and painless

Or slow and tortuous…..


The life of materialism is so useless

People running here and there

To gain an ounce of happiness which doesn’t even matter!!

Having the look in the deep sunken eye

All conveying the same thought

Why is he or that such a pain in the ass!!


While growing up, I never imagined such hollowness

The hollowness which can never be filled

No matter what you do, it still out there

Its rightly said man`s greed has no end.


I on the other hand have no wish, no worries to do this or that

All I wanted was a calm mind and the adolescent dream

I wanted to be with her and die holding her hands

The last image being that lovely face of hers


Alas!! It was planned something else

I only had her for borrowed time

The love, the hope all gone with her

She`s gone, the feeling of hopelessness is what I am left with


Sadly the time has come to carry on without her

But the dream of holding her hand still lingers inside

It`s such a pain and I don’t want that

Death please be swift and finish me off as effortless as permissible.

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