Emotions out of control

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in every 3 girls you come across 1 such girl is with such characteristics , and i truly admire such individual who is real in every sense......

Submitted: November 22, 2012

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Submitted: November 22, 2012




a wonderful character came across whom everyone calls maahi, in her late 20's or early 30's full of passion, with most unconventional looks but most conventional beauty with very fair complexions and golden hair, the long curl hanging on her right side , touching her baby eye lashes makes her cute.. Delicate beauty like most pampered princess of her dad, the only person (dad) who could understand her, love her; unfortunately is no more....


what is more exciting about this girl is that she is so impulsive, restless, emotional and adventurous wild raw character , with charming personality of her own, who gets in to the minute details of any subject she develops interest for... she has very kind, soft and loving heart who finds happiness in helping and very generous to others ...


a dreamer, a loner, a bit complex character with full of attitude which is oftentimes misunderstood in rudeness and at times her impulsive over emotional outburst as psycho and abusive ... very few understand that neither she is psycho nor abusive but those who understand this are not in her life anymore ... when in love she goes all mad for her love and makes every bit of the moments so graceful and memorable , yet  her over possession makes her unwanted ... the irony is, in-spite being lovely and so competitive and better than most, she suffers from strange insecurity , she cannot lose her love to anybody in the world, not even to god... 

circumstances and other's mature (made up) behavior makes her even more complex, but in reality she is too simple to deal with, as the person she loves only needs to whisper in her ears , i love maahi and very next moment she will melt like a butter from a solid stone in his arms, but fact remains she loves to be chased which gives her feeling of being most wanted but it (chasing) never happens...


she has made her own law of love bit similar to Sir Issac Newton's laws of physics of every action has the same reaction with same force and velocity , she has made her own law that whoever loves her truly gets three times of the love with more intensity and madness which makes her most special 






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