Sentimental Value

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smart ass will call them "Emotional fools", and i would call them most "sensitive soul" trapped in selfish Jungle called "world"....

Submitted: November 22, 2012

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Submitted: November 22, 2012




in general "VALUE" means worth in terms of unit, which could be again measured in money or anything , the term "value" has so many meanings , in terms of mathematics or science or economics or law , the meaning keeps changing; but for me its only sentimental value which is actually of any worth....  


in one of the Bollywood movie, mega star Amitabh bachchan was buying a building and after the deal seller tells, you don't know how to do business !!!!!!  even if you had bargained 5 lacs less, i would have sold; to that Amitabh replies that its you who dont know how to do business; even if you would have asked 5 lac more would have paid, as my mother was one of the laborer involved during its construction...


in real life too you get to see such people who value their sentiments far more than valueless printed notes which is called "money"..... these people wear heart on their sleeves and are outspoken without any hypocrisy, i truly love such people but are rare to find...


one more visuals i remember of having such lovely feelings;  A beautiful woman already engaged wearing platinum diamond ring of her fiancee falls in deep love with a poor boy.  while sitting against a beautiful lake the poor boy spots her engagement ring and gets annoyed , and he pulls it off and throw in the lake and ties a small grass ring around her finger, blushing with the act woman in love just hugs him with unstoppable kiss ;  she doesn't care what was the price of the ring but she values the grass tied around her fingers more, as its out of love and gratitude is what i called a "sentimental value" ... 


believe me in life if you have a choice to make , give importance to sentimental value more than monetary value , if money is lost nothing is lost but if emotions are lost everything is lost ... rather than preserving tangible assets , preserve invaluable sentiments, which can make you smile upon remembrance in the form of memories...


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