The Guilt

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A son is disturbed by his father , hires a psychiatrist for him..
but the psychiatrist gets interested in son rather than the father...
find out why....

Submitted: January 07, 2013

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Submitted: January 07, 2013





(short story)

Genre—Psychological thriller



Mike a money minded short tempered man has been living with his father (trevor) in a rented apartment for the past one year..

since shifting trevor has been experiencing some hallucinations about some people which are not really there..
Mike is really fed up with his father since he acts weird all the time..
trevor always asks his son to get clothes from the dry cleaner which he hasn’t given, asks for lunch but he had already eaten lunch just seconds  ago…

Thinking his father might be suffering from a short term memory loss and schridzophenia,

Mike goes asking from about his friend who is also his landlord about what to do about his father..

he suggests that he should see a psychiatrist .Mike takes this advice and asks for a psychiatrist to come to his home since his father is unable to come to the clinic due to his old age and illness..
Psychiatrist (malcolm) comes and talks to father and son both..

Father talks to Malcolm by murmuring in his son’s ears and his son then gives his message to Malcolm..

But Malcolm starts getting more interested in Mike rather than trevor..
He asks what had happened with him since the last year..
mike gets a little bit confused and thinks that Malcolm is just coming for money..
So he stops seeing Malcolm.

But Malcolm’s obsession didn’t end..

One day a letter comes to mike and it said that trevor’s  land in his village had fetched him $10000.Seeing this mike gets furious since his father never told him about the money or the land..
he faces his father and confronts him..
trevor denies all of this but the envelope also had the money in it so mike thought trevor was lying  and had a $ 10000 land..
trevor gets angry since his own son wasn’t believing him and slaps him.
Mike smashes trevor’s head with a wine bottle killing him..
Now mike gets really scared..His father’s blood was all over the apartment also it was peeping through the ceiling into the landlords home who comes to ask but mike shoves him off…
Mike quickly covers his fathers body In the carpet of the living room and takes it to the river nearby at night, as he is about to  throw the body he sees someone with a flashlight coming towards him..
He quickly rolls the body through the inclined plane ,but the carpet sticks in the inclined plane it opens up only to reveal that its empty……………………
he quickly turns back and sees the man with flashlight was Malcolm..

Now mike realizes and remembers that he had killed his father over a year ago with a bottle and dumped his body in the river when he lived with his father in the village over the same issue about the money..

To escape that GUILT about killing his father mike starts imaging his father that he had shifted in the city with him. Actually mike himself was suffering from schridzophenia and short term memory loss(due to the incident) that was why he was able to see his father and thought it was father was suffering from it, since symptoms were quite clear but it was his symptoms….
his friend knew all about it that was why he gave the advice of  bringing the psychiatrist..
Malcolm makes him realize that he is a mental patient and it ws malcolm that had slipped the fake letter and $ 10000..
and it was wine that he smashed ws leaking from the ceiling nt the blood.
Malcolm had seen that his father was not even there with mike when he came to see him for the first time ,,,,that was when Malcolm went asking about him and planned all this with mike’s friend…
Mike totally shocked knowing truth suddenly slips of the inclined plane over the carpet rolls down the plane with the carpet wrapping around him(just as he dumped his father’s body) drowns in the river while Malcolm feeling helpless to save him watches him flow with the current of the river…………







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