The Adventures of Utsi-Rusi "The Mystery of the Suburn Temple"- Part 2

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Part 2 of the Suburn Temple Mystery.

Submitted: January 01, 2016

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Submitted: January 01, 2016




And the wily plan was carried out....

The Utsi Rusi team was disguised as archaeologists, who were going to unearth th site of the temple. But, they were intercepted by a guard. But Svanuj had the pass ready which would lead them inside the site of crime.

The guard mumbled as they went away- "Check, Lewison Jonys here! URT has gone into the cage! Over and Out!"

At that same time, far away in an unknown location, sat a man on his armchair and he said, "Roger that!".

In the changing room near the Suburn, where devotees would keep their clothes while they would bathe in the holy water, 10 men went inside, and dressed themselves as, what not! Extraterrestrial Creatures! 

The Utsi Rusi Team were two minutes inside the cave.

-"Its as dark as a whale's belly inside here! Switch on your torchlight!", mumbled Inspector Sen.

On switching on the light, the surroundings were aglow, they could see each and every thing. 

Sohom asked Svanuj, "Do you know where Lewison is?". "No", he replied. 

But suddenly, the team heard a sound from the corner of the wall. It was like "HAWAHAW!". The team proceeded ahead to investigate, but Svanuj was six to seven steps behind. 

-"Where are you all going?", Svanuj asked, while something patted on his back. "Who is it?", he asked.

As he turned back, his torch threw light on an alien, who was somewhat 5 metres high. Svanuj, terrified, ran from it!

But, they were blocked. The whole cave was a labyrinth. The team did not know where to go. From nowhere as Svanuj joined them, the wall beside them crumbled into dust from the blow of a huge hand. Huge feet appeared which simply stamped them, almost. The team, separated and ran in any possible direction. It was an automatic aliem like a robot in "Star Wars" that was being controlled. 

-"Let me call the police!", shouted Rudranil.

-"You can't!", shouted Utsyo.

-"But why?"

-"We are trapped here! Can't you see it?"

From the robot, a kind of a gas came out from his mouth.

-"Smells like Gamaxene!", said Inspector/"Scientist" Sohom.

-"Put on your masks!", said Ayaan.

Meanwhile, the man on that armchair pressed a button on his huge control panel, which lead to his "final attack". A bomb blast, which had completely banished the underground labyrinth. The Utsi Rusi Team found their way out from the flames. The team just consisted of Rustam, Ayaan, Utsyo and Sohom! 

Where were the others? They all were fighting inside, the aliens!

Svanuj bashed an alien up by punching his face so hard, that his fake face mask came off. Rudranil, kicked the aliens. The aliens tried to shoot Svanuj, but it missed him. 

As Svanuj and Rudra came out, Sohom ran to his friend at the police station, and called them along with the fire brigade. 

Out of nowhere, a slab of the temple had fallen to the ground. The man on the armchair was on it. He ran for his life, but the team surrounded him.

-"No use escaping", said Rustam.

-"Sanskar", said Utsyo.

-"Colepatra!", said Rudra.

-"Do you have any?", asked Rudra. (Rudra says this, as in Hindi Sanskar means 'good manners')

"Fuckers! I'll escape from the rear!", said Sanskar, and he ran, but was cornered by Svanuj, Sohom and the police gang. 

The police shot him on his bum, to captivate him. 

-"Also arrest, Jackaroos (Madh) and Lewison Jonys, aka Shamik Datta!", said Sohom.

The next day, in the front page of each and every nespaper in the UK, was the news of the Suburn. The people behind it were caught, thanks to the Utsi-Rusi team.

Finally, the team flew to India, where the builder of the Temple, Ram Charan Singh was awaiting them. They together landed in Delhi, where they were granted the Bharat Ratna.


2nd January 2016.



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