Hope is all I needed

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Submitted: January 04, 2010

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Submitted: January 04, 2010



Such hard moments keep fallowing me

I wish hard times will set me free

I try really hard not to remember

But they keep haunting me from january till december

That day my mind died

and my soul tried to hide

I was a person with no heart

I was a person who only knew the end and never got to know the start

My home felt like a cage

and anger was the unfinished rage

I tried to escape life

but what ended up in my hand was a knife

I tried to let it go

but my mind kept saying no

STOP , this is wrong

This doesn't prove that I am strong

but it was still in my hand

I was in the heartless land

I knew this will be a fight

I droped it then the day turned out to be alright

Did I need to wash my mind ? Did I need soap ??

NO , I only needed a sprinkle of hope

I have left anger behind

I realize anger makes people blind

Life was a sea I was sinking in

but when I left the pain , I had to win

I won against myself

And now had the best health

All I needed was hope

To stand on my feet

And now I had hate to defeat

Its Over .....

No more Sober ...

But Actually HAPPY

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