Looking Back ......

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Don't be affraid to look at the past , u have 2 face it

Submitted: March 19, 2010

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Submitted: March 19, 2010



Looking back to where thoughts take me

Sometimes they take me where I dont want to be

To where the person I love died

To where I felt misery and cried

Those times are over , they just don't  exist anymore

If I look back will everything happen like before

Past is past

It all goes around so fast

If I open the book of my life on the first page

Will i return to that first stage

These questions never stop

They keep going around my head till they reach the top

The top of my thoughts and memories

They wont get through the cold as ice stories

Those thoughts are my own old picture album , they are old and getting ready to hit the bucket

And finally my confusion is coming to an end , this is it

What I know now is .......

Horror is horror it scares

Dreams are dreams until they become night mares

Reality is reality until you change its role in the play

There it comes , just another question , just another day

Love is love until it fades away

A friend is a friend who is there to stay

Confusion is what makes the discovery

Looking back is what makes it the good quality

Don't be affraid to look back

We all have to step over that crack

Someday we all have something to face

If you don't know where.....

Just look back you'll find that place

Some of you might find it hard

Encourage yourself now thats a start

you are you

I am me

We are all different

that the beauty

the beauty of life .............................................

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